Dear Faithful Readers,

I haven’t posted in some time now because I haven’t been looking forward to writing this post.  For professional reasons, I’m no longer going to be able to write this blog.  I know; it stinks, but somehow, I’m sure you’ll be okay.  I believe that most of you reading this are personal acquaintances, so I’ll see you in the real world.  To those of you whom I’ve never met, thanks for reading, good night and good luck!



P.S. Here are some last links that I couldn’t resist sharing:

How Long Does It Take an Athlete to Make $100,000?

Gyllenhaal, Stiller to appear on ‘Shalom Sesame’

In other ‘Sesame Street’ News, here’s Desperate Houseplants.


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Animals Doing People Things = Always Entertaining

Aww: Baby duckling with a sandal to fix its foot.

Georgia cat earns its GED.

In non-animal news:

Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove to guest star on “Family Guy”

Everything in this is SO TRUE and I demand that you all follow these rules accordingly.  (Thanks, Valerie!)

Hey Mom,  I can build by bone strength with BEER!

Bob Dylan: A Complete Unknown

Mad Men Celebrities!

The lives of the wives of the Nationals.

Stay tuned for my epic battle to count every t-shirt in my wardrobe.  This might take a while.

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Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated

First, the news (and things that purport to be news):

Hiroshima, 64 Years Ago

Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator

15 Billboards That Don’t Belong Next to Each Other

The New York Times loves statisticians, too!

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Real column vs. Onion article

Now for some personal commentary:

I watched the movie 39 Steps the other night.  I had seen the show on Broadway and wanted to see the movie it was based on.  Not only does the movie, released in 1935 totally holdup, but I continued to be amazed by how closely the stage play followed the movie–even though the play is a comedy with only three cast members playing all of the roles.  I would highly recommend watching the movie if you’ve seen the play (as I would recommend the play).  Still, I looked up the movie on IMDB, for several entertaining factoids, like the fact that many of the actors were born in the 1800s…But my favorite part was the movie’s awesome (and extremely dated) taglines:

“It’s Great…It’s Grand…It’s Glorious!”

“Handcuffed to the girl who double-crossed him”

“The MAN who put the MAN in roMANce.”

“The Most Charming Brute Who Ever Scorned A Lady”

“Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated”

And the most misogynistic of the group:

“She Hated to be Mastered… But She Learned to Like it from the Man who put the MAN in roMANce”

August 7, 2009 at 6:27 pm 2 comments

Pennies, Peeing and Peter Gabriel

Guy goes to pick up his car at the impound lot and pays the $88 fee all in pennies.  Obvi, the cops get involved. (Via Consumerist.)

Brazilians Urged to Pee in Shower to Save Rainforests.  Watch the ad, too.  (Thanks Michelle!)

Lesley’s new blog: falafel for the soul!

Statisticians are awesome.

Heartbreaking photographs of a girl growing up in rural poverty. (Via Jezebel.)

Peter Gabriel covering a Vampire Weekend song.  This will cheer you up after that last link.  (Via The Fix.)

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A Post that Ends in an Infomercial

Sesame Street is going to make a Mad Men parody!  I can’t tell you how excited this makes me!  (Almost as excited as this!)

In other Muppet news, Count Von Count is now following me on Twitter.  I am amused.

It’s Shark Week!  What Type of Shark are you? (Courtesy of Lauren)

Those controversial Air Force One flyover photos that freaked out everyone downtown.

Thirteen-year-old throws 25 no hitters!

And the Pursuit of Happiness. (via Erin)

How Different People Spend Their Day.

Now that I’ve moved home and found that I have saved absolutely everything, I’ve decided to sell some of the junk great stuff taking up room in my house.  If you’re interested in either of these great package deals, please, let me know in the comments.  TMN readers get a special price and home delivery, where applicable.  As the weeks of my unemployment wear on, stay tuned for more exciting shopping opportunities.

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Good Bye Garden State

My newspaper has been stolen from my clutches four times this week.  Out the last five days, some cheapskate has yoinked my paper four times.  Therefore, I do not have any great journalism to share with you today, unfortunately.  The good news is that I am moving out of my apartment this weekend and I doubt those living in my new building will steal my newspaper (since they are my parents).

The Divorce Dance, which has better looking/dancing people. (via Lauren)

50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill: The top 10 and the rest.

If someone figures out a way to get this on a t-shirt for me, I’d be very grateful.  Also, does anyone else get the joke? (Again, Lauren)

Amazing artwork created from old books.

This is pretty cool.

Woo hoo!

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Shamless Pseudo-Celebrity Gossip (And an Interview With Will Shortz)

Moving to Montgomery County is now the cool thing to do: I’m doing it, Kate Gosslin’s doing it…Do we need any more evidence?  Also, I happened to look at apartments in that complex on my birthday last year.  It is nice.

Will Shortz takes questions from his public.  If you have ever even glanced at a crossword puzzle, read this.  (Thanks, Dad.)

OMG.  This guy got married.  To a woman. (Via Jezebel)

Shatner reads Palin’s farewell speech.  Awesome.

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