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A Post that Ends in an Infomercial

Sesame Street is going to make a Mad Men parody!  I can’t tell you how excited this makes me!  (Almost as excited as this!)

In other Muppet news, Count Von Count is now following me on Twitter.  I am amused.

It’s Shark Week!  What Type of Shark are you? (Courtesy of Lauren)

Those controversial Air Force One flyover photos that freaked out everyone downtown.

Thirteen-year-old throws 25 no hitters!

And the Pursuit of Happiness. (via Erin)

How Different People Spend Their Day.

Now that I’ve moved home and found that I have saved absolutely everything, I’ve decided to sell some of the junk great stuff taking up room in my house.  If you’re interested in either of these great package deals, please, let me know in the comments.  TMN readers get a special price and home delivery, where applicable.  As the weeks of my unemployment wear on, stay tuned for more exciting shopping opportunities.


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Happy Belated Bastille Day

Umpires v. Judges.

Coffee cups in NYC. (Mom and Dad, you’ll enjoy this one.)

Frank Rich on Sarah Palin.

A store review for a store where I’ve actually shopped!  Here’s a lovely quote from the review:

“If you were to secretly dose the celebrated Japanese artist Takashi Murakami with LSD, spin him around in a swivel chair, bounce him on a trampoline, then repeatedly hit him over the head with a piñata, the interior of this store would be his hallucination.”

To shock no one, this story on ‘energy shots’ focuses on College Park, Maryland.

A look back on a decade of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Monkeys can recognize poor grammar! (Thanks, Lauren!)

NPR on tourists.

Newspapers cutting out crossword puzzles?!?!  Sad face! (This has been all over my twitter feed, but I did read it first in the Times, so I am not going to attribute it to anyone.  Sorry.)

The “Real World” DC crew looks VERY young.  Does this mean I’m old?

We’re so classy that we go to an art museum one day, and a few weeks later, Bergdorf uses its art in its windows.

I went to this game with my parents, and I think you should all read about the crowd cheering “We want the apple!”

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No Tuesday Times Update…

…Because someone stole my newspaper.  Grrr.

In other news…(Mostly via Jezebel)

Richard Nixon saw interracial pregnancy as grounds for abortion.

Obviously, the girl with 56 face tattoos asked for them and lied when her dad freaked out.

NPR asks for more movies about renegade toys.

Iceland argues that commercial whaling can coexist with whale watching.  Erm, as long as we’re not watching the whales getting slaughtered?

American Apparel introduces shiny kids’ leggings.  Ew.

Yay!  A bad review of the Armani restaurant in The New Yorker.  Fashion restaurants seem to be a bad idea to me even if they’re good (unless they’re in real department stores…).

AARP has a spelling bee!

From Lauren: The 10 Dumbest Moments in “Wheel of Fortune” History.  (I disagree with their rankings.)

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You’d Think Being Unemployed Would Mean I’d Have MORE Time To Blog…

No, actually I’ve been sitting outside everyday reading the newspaper and also applying to lots of jobs when I’m inside.  Therefore, I’m neglecting my internet activities, which means I’m not blogging.  Sorry.

Read about the Tuskegee Airmen in the last hour of Memorial Day.

R.I.P. Del. Pauline Menes.  She was a great lady.

New Ghostbusters III movie with original cast!!

Ironic t-shirt sales.

This month’s New Yorker cover was painted with an iPhone!

I went to Iceland.  Here are my photos.

A new JEWISH American Girl Doll!  (Mom, will you buy me it for me??) Thanks, Valerie!

How did Lauren beat me to this link about beers in New Jersey from NPR?

In other beer related news, Dad sent me this link to an article about craft beers.

Thursday’s NYT obits: the top of the page was about a leading expert in yoga and the bottom covered a pioneer of yogurt.  Yoga!  Yogurt!

Tim Gunn in a comic book!!

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Catch-Up Blog

Following up on the last post, yes, my hard drive crashed, so I have a backlog on both articles as well as hundreds of photographs of beautiful Reykjavik. (These will not all be uploaded by the time I post this blog.)  My fantastic professor/boss lent me his old laptop, giving me the opportunity to catch up on my internet life, so this will be a very long blog.

First, on vacation, I almost always catch up on New York Times Magazines.  They’re the perfect travel companion: light, full of reading material, and even when you’re done you can spend hours on the crossword puzzle.  Plus, you can toss the magazine when you’re done, lightening your load on your way home.  (Washington Post Magazines are also great travel reading and now always have Merl Reagle crosswords in the back.)  The following is from the April 26 NYTMag:

William Safire: Wide World of Words (ah, Safire.)

Virginia Heffernan: Comment is King (idiots on the internet)

Christopher Buckley: Mum and Pup and Me (excellent piece; mentions
Reykjavik and I actually read the article while sitting in a cafe in
said city!)

How to make an iPhone stand from a business card. (via Consumerist)

Twenty second songs to sing while washing your hands. (NPR)

Maybe you shouldn’t buy that… (via Consumerist)

Don’t Gimme Five! (NPR)

Data Blogs You Should Know About

8 Disastrous Product Names (Thanks, Arielle.)

Recruiting Happiness in a Himalayan Kingdom

The Curious Friendship of a Politician and an Actor 

Separation of Press and State

It’s Baaaaaack!  And either John McCain (Marlena) or in a salad (Jenna).

An app to identify fonts by taking a pic with your camera!  (I definitely could have used this when Lauren and I were trying to figure out what font I used on my resume.)

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Quick Links

Simpsons stamps.

Cheerleaders cheer for nerds!

When New York sample sales are best.

Milk Chocolate Duck Space Pops!!! (Thanks, Lauren!)

New poll.

NPR picks more public sector jobs for the Harold & Kumar crew.

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All Sorts of Interesting Things

University of Maryland to show pirate porn, Maryland Senate says, “over our dead legislative body.  ARR!”

Valerie found this awesome hoax.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for letting me start my day with this:

Ann Coulter falls for fake Obama NASCAR story.

Dissecting rap lyrics.

Baby and goggie:

The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais

World Sunlight Map

The lady I blogged about made City PaperCity Paper spelled “you’re” correctly.

Hogwarts Snaps.

Ben Folds on Soundcheck!!

Synagogue Restored in Historic Philadelphia Prison. (Remember when we went here on a field trip in middle school?)

Maybe I can afford NYC now…

Olympics for the unemployed.

Schott’s Stimulus Simulator (was far better in print form, you paper haters.)

Passover/Mexican food

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