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Dear Faithful Readers,

I haven’t posted in some time now because I haven’t been looking forward to writing this post.  For professional reasons, I’m no longer going to be able to write this blog.  I know; it stinks, but somehow, I’m sure you’ll be okay.  I believe that most of you reading this are personal acquaintances, so I’ll see you in the real world.  To those of you whom I’ve never met, thanks for reading, good night and good luck!



P.S. Here are some last links that I couldn’t resist sharing:

How Long Does It Take an Athlete to Make $100,000?

Gyllenhaal, Stiller to appear on ‘Shalom Sesame’

In other ‘Sesame Street’ News, here’s Desperate Houseplants.


August 29, 2009 at 5:33 pm 4 comments

Things You’ve Already Seen on the Internet

Kelly Hildebrandt to wed Kelly Hildebrandt.

Palin’s resignation speech, edited by Vanity Fair.

The world’s most crowded swimming pool?

From this week’s news:

Politicians in NYC must speak Yiddish.

This guy is running for his father’s seat in an effort to eliminate the position

Another reason to love Target.

This guy is awesome.  Just look at his picture:

Michael Nagle for The New York Times

Photo Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times

July 23, 2009 at 10:03 am 2 comments

…And Now the Monday Times

Nothing on the internet really blew me away today, but there was plenty of good stuff in the newspaper…

Greenland is independent!  And its new government will go by its Inuit name: Naalakkersuisut.  Awesome.

Adopting Forebears’ Faith And Leaving Peru for Israel.  A crazy story about Jews in rural Peru.

You know that woman on the ONN?  She used to be on CNN!

In other news (networks)…I agree that Shepard Smith is a good egg.

Cute cats are collateral damage when governments block sites.”

Via Jezebel:

Khadijah Williams, a homeless teen, is going to Harvard in the fall.  She clearly rocks.

“Mad Men” marketing survey.  It’s kind of like a crappy Choose Your Own Adventure.

Oh, and props to Dad for both of these hilarious videos: Long Island Wants to Secede and Triumph Visits Bonnaroo (via Aziz Ansari).

In major news, I am thrilled that my friend Tad missed this train!

June 22, 2009 at 10:00 pm 1 comment

Sunday Times Recap

I didn’t get back to my apartment quickly enough yesterday to get the Sunday sections delivered on Saturday (too busy celebrating Allyson’s birthday), but here are my favorite articles from the Sunday sections that arrived today:

A Postmark May Trample Civic Pride.  This article is unintentionally hilarious.

Beekeepers Keep the Lid On.  Illegal beekeeping!  Intriguing.

The Public Editor on Putting a Price on News.  I really like this ombudsman, but I miss our old omtubsman.

In other, non-New York Times news:

Matt got to meet a cyborg turtle!

JTimb is good at Yiddish.

Bill O’Reilly really angers me.  Watch this if you want to make your blood boil a little bit.  Part of it was on “The Daily Show” last week, but this is the full interview.  (Sorry for the delay in posting this, I wanted to wait till I had the time to watch the whole piece.)

Weird personal ads from the 19th century…And the author is a PhD candidate at Rutgers!

Oh, and my cousin has a blog!  It’s about gardening, which I normally couldn’t give two flips about, but she writes so well, it’s a joy to read.

Now that I’m done reading today’s Times, I’m going to go read a real book!  And not Twilight, which I just finished and absolutely did not like.

June 21, 2009 at 10:30 pm Leave a comment

LMNOP v. TMN Post-Off

Lauren posted like everything I wanted to post on Friday.  We apparently run in the same, small internet circle, but I still wanted to post some of my more favorite things again.  Sorry for the overlap.

Teen diagnoses her own disease in science class.

Lauren already posted this, but I found it first, so I’m posting it again: The Most Looked Up Words in the NYT.

Today in excellent Sesame Street Parodies: 30 Rocks and Law and Order: Special Letters Unit.  (Props to Dad for the SVU parody.)

I want to do this, but not with the Yankees.  It would take my whole life with my team…Who are playing the Yankees tonight.  And will most likely lose worse than the Mets did on Sunday.

Tourists and New Yorkers Take a Rubber Seat in Times Square.  I am obviously a fan of the tacky pink and blue chairs.

My mom found this, linked to it on Twitter, and Lauren already beat me to posting it.  But it is so cool, I had to post again.

Eugene Robinson is right again: Feeding the Lone Wolves.

Finally, I’m going to beat Lauren in posting something that she sent me.  HAHAHAHA.  Fallen Princesses.

June 16, 2009 at 10:35 am 2 comments

Shoe Sales, Sesame Street and Some Seriousness

Sorry for the lack of postings.  I’ve been traveling a lot, which cuts down on my article reading significantly. 

Still, I have a bunch….

A fantastic article on the perils of the Barneys shoe sale.  

Another great shopping review: Mike Albo on the Tommy Hilfiger store.

From Eric, Old Jews Telling Jokes.

I love Barack Obama and I love Sesame Street, so I naturally love this. (Related, from Jezebel, via Valerie.)

Stupid things interns in D.C. do and say.

The new iPhone is not that much cooler than the 3G, phew.  (But it is still cooler.  Thanks for this link so I didn’t have to watch the whole presentation, Bill.)

Sauerkraut as an aphrodisiac.  (via Jezebel)

Networks might shy from Beltway-based TV, but cable networks certainly do not.

I really want to complete a marathon one day, and with this technique, I just might be able to do it…Anyone want to try with me?

I don’t often opine on serious topics here, but if you know anything about my politics, you will know that I’m pro-choice.  The murder of Dr. George Tiller was terrible–no matter what you think about abortion.  I believe that it is perfectly reasonable to not want to have an abortion, but that is a choice for you to make with your doctor and, if appropriate, the man involved.  Terrorizing those who provide women’s health services and intimidating women who are seeking an option is not the right way to push your policy.  Killing someone you disagree with?  That’s vigilante terrorism.  Making the decision to have an abortion is impossibly hard.  I am lucky that I have never been in such a situation, and I genuinely do not know what I would do, but I do know that whatever I decided, it would be my decision and I do not believe legislators, judges or the President has the right to tell me how to make my decision.  Here are two articles that I think everyone should read, whether or not you agree with me:

If abortion becomes illegal, you can bet there will be illegal abortions.  

Gretchen Voss’ late term abortion.

Neither of these purport to push an agenda.  They’re just reporting the facts and are from major newspapers.  I’m not trying to feed you propaganda, because that wouldn’t help my cause.  Do what you want with your body.  I’ll do the same with mine.

June 8, 2009 at 9:42 pm 3 comments

News Flash: I’m Not Married at 25. Mark Regnerus Thinks I am WRONG.

Mark Regnerus, do you really think I should be married now?  Eff you.

“So while many young Americans mark their days in the usual ways — by hitting the clubs, incessantly checking Facebook, Twittering their latest love interest and obsessing about their poor job prospects or how to get into graduate school — my applause goes out to those among them who’ve figured out that the proverb was right. One of those is Jennifer, a 23-year-old former student of mine. She’s getting married this fall. It wasn’t religion that made her do it. It wasn’t fear of being alone. It was simply affection. She met Jake while still in college and decided that there was no point in barhopping through her 20s. Her friends balked. She stood firm. Now they’re bridesmaids”

Oh wow, it’s SO HORRIBLE that I’m not married at 25.

Seinfeld finds out about his people coming through Ellis Island.

A signing bus driver is  leading the way toward my dream of strangers breaking out in dance and song randomly in public.

Obvi the counter protest at Whitman was far better than the protest itself.

April 26, 2009 at 9:32 am 6 comments

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