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Good Bye Garden State

My newspaper has been stolen from my clutches four times this week.  Out the last five days, some cheapskate has yoinked my paper four times.  Therefore, I do not have any great journalism to share with you today, unfortunately.  The good news is that I am moving out of my apartment this weekend and I doubt those living in my new building will steal my newspaper (since they are my parents).

The Divorce Dance, which has better looking/dancing people. (via Lauren)

50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill: The top 10 and the rest.

If someone figures out a way to get this on a t-shirt for me, I’d be very grateful.  Also, does anyone else get the joke? (Again, Lauren)

Amazing artwork created from old books.

This is pretty cool.

Woo hoo!


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Monkeys, Girl Scouts, Camping, Reading, Disney World and Other Summer-Friendly Topics

Once again, Lauren beat me to virtually everything on Friday, but I’m not holding it against her.  I just have to click “Publish” earlier in the day and not wait till Sunday…

In other old news, I guarantee you have all seen this already, but I did find this before it made the news and my mother called me about it: Dancing wedding happiness.

Orangutan and doggie are bffs. (Thanks, Savannah.)

Creationist Girl Scout gets Gold Award.  Lamezors. (Via Jezebel)

The one reason I’m glad I’m not at camp this summer.  In other camp-related news, camping in New York City sounds soooo much fun.  (FYI, Dad, look at the Queens site.)

These real morning anchors sound a lot like the morning anchors on The Onion News Network. (And might be more annoying, too.)

I enjoyed virtually all of the stories in the New York Times’ special Education section and think you will, too.  (FYI, the word “special” is describing the section, not the education.)

The National Symphony will provide live program notes via Twitter!

A slide show of Knickerbocker reminders in New York City.

This list of books that take place in New Jersey would have been a lot more timely when I was moving to the state instead of away from the Garden State.

Lauren found this, but I’m posting it because it’s about EPCOT, and I love EPCOT…Incidentally, who the hell videotapes all of Carousel of Progress?  People who love lame rides?  People who record every second of their family vacation?  Insomniacs?  Marie and I decided to go to it in March, killing time before the fireworks and it was so bad we bailed midway.  (It was also replaying each “room” twice.  Horrible.)  We are such Disney World rebels.

Two things of note here: Wow, that toddler totally is Anna Nicole and please watch the crazy German lady.

Am I perpetuating this by posting this article?

Forgoing our National Mall for pet projects is a travesty.  Come on, Congress, it’s our NATIONAL Mall, fund that shit.

Once again, leaving the most important for the end: An Abortion Battle, Fought to the Death.  Please read this article in its entirety.

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Things You’ve Already Seen on the Internet

Kelly Hildebrandt to wed Kelly Hildebrandt.

Palin’s resignation speech, edited by Vanity Fair.

The world’s most crowded swimming pool?

From this week’s news:

Politicians in NYC must speak Yiddish.

This guy is running for his father’s seat in an effort to eliminate the position

Another reason to love Target.

This guy is awesome.  Just look at his picture:

Michael Nagle for The New York Times

Photo Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times

July 23, 2009 at 10:03 am 2 comments

Sunday Times Recap

I didn’t get back to my apartment quickly enough yesterday to get the Sunday sections delivered on Saturday (too busy celebrating Allyson’s birthday), but here are my favorite articles from the Sunday sections that arrived today:

A Postmark May Trample Civic Pride.  This article is unintentionally hilarious.

Beekeepers Keep the Lid On.  Illegal beekeeping!  Intriguing.

The Public Editor on Putting a Price on News.  I really like this ombudsman, but I miss our old omtubsman.

In other, non-New York Times news:

Matt got to meet a cyborg turtle!

JTimb is good at Yiddish.

Bill O’Reilly really angers me.  Watch this if you want to make your blood boil a little bit.  Part of it was on “The Daily Show” last week, but this is the full interview.  (Sorry for the delay in posting this, I wanted to wait till I had the time to watch the whole piece.)

Weird personal ads from the 19th century…And the author is a PhD candidate at Rutgers!

Oh, and my cousin has a blog!  It’s about gardening, which I normally couldn’t give two flips about, but she writes so well, it’s a joy to read.

Now that I’m done reading today’s Times, I’m going to go read a real book!  And not Twilight, which I just finished and absolutely did not like.

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Muppets, Crocs, Echidnas and Other Wildlife

You’ve probably all seen this by now, but it wouldn’t be TMN, if I didn’t post the link tying my two favorite television shows together: 30 Rock is a rip off of The Muppet Show. (Thanks, Matt and Lauren, who both sent it to me within an hour.)

Hermes is breeding its own crocodiles to keep up with demand for handbags.

A great story about a librarian who immigrated to our country.

This is one crazy animal.  Look at him!






(photo from NYTimes)


If I was easily embarrassed, I would not post this link.  But I love Guess Who.

Obviously, something like this would happen at my alma mater. 

This is absolutely heartbreaking, but important to read.  (Thanks, Kelaine.)

June 10, 2009 at 11:37 pm 1 comment

Barack Obama’s 100th Day, but Apparently We’re All Going to Get Swine Flu

100 Days of Barack Obama’s News Feed.

Conservatives don’t know Colbert is joking.

In related news, Michele Bachmann is a complete nut job, as is Virginia Foxx.  ($10 says they don’t know Colbert is joking, either.)

From Justin, amusingly defaced street signs.

I don’t 100% agree with this guy, but he is so right on very many points.

Sure the Nationals are not great at baseball, but they might make your marriage last longer.

Thanks, Jimmy Carter.

NYT on Kindle.

Do you have swine flu?

Picture update: Scholars in New York (it’s not very scholarly), My First Visit to CitiField (I rooted for the other team), Rutgers Day 2009 (anyone have Maryland Day 2009 photos?).  Okay, that should keep you busy for a while.

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Why the NYT Writes “Nascar” Instead of “NASCAR”

Here are some things I forgot to post the other day:

Wooden water pipes?  Wow.

I just like how the author refers to rabbits as bunnies throughout this article.  See, Mom!  It’s not just Dad and me.

The Public Editor on NYT abbrivs.  <– This is the “Nascar” vs. “NASCAR” explanation.

What are friends for? A longer life

DC Greenworks makes!

Sorry so short.  My newspaper keeps getting stolen.

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