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Things You’ve Already Seen on the Internet

Kelly Hildebrandt to wed Kelly Hildebrandt.

Palin’s resignation speech, edited by Vanity Fair.

The world’s most crowded swimming pool?

From this week’s news:

Politicians in NYC must speak Yiddish.

This guy is running for his father’s seat in an effort to eliminate the position

Another reason to love Target.

This guy is awesome.  Just look at his picture:

Michael Nagle for The New York Times

Photo Credit: Michael Nagle for The New York Times


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Only Important Links Today

Stories about teenagers in The New York Times that mention Bethesda:

Texting May Be Taking a Toll

For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?’

In other, important news, Gawker on RHONJ.  Warning: may make you laugh out loud at work.  But only if you watch the show.

Pretty sure William Safire is listening to me.

Animatronic Obama at Disney World!

Almost forgot to add this ONN story.

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Catch-Up Blog

Following up on the last post, yes, my hard drive crashed, so I have a backlog on both articles as well as hundreds of photographs of beautiful Reykjavik. (These will not all be uploaded by the time I post this blog.)  My fantastic professor/boss lent me his old laptop, giving me the opportunity to catch up on my internet life, so this will be a very long blog.

First, on vacation, I almost always catch up on New York Times Magazines.  They’re the perfect travel companion: light, full of reading material, and even when you’re done you can spend hours on the crossword puzzle.  Plus, you can toss the magazine when you’re done, lightening your load on your way home.  (Washington Post Magazines are also great travel reading and now always have Merl Reagle crosswords in the back.)  The following is from the April 26 NYTMag:

William Safire: Wide World of Words (ah, Safire.)

Virginia Heffernan: Comment is King (idiots on the internet)

Christopher Buckley: Mum and Pup and Me (excellent piece; mentions
Reykjavik and I actually read the article while sitting in a cafe in
said city!)

How to make an iPhone stand from a business card. (via Consumerist)

Twenty second songs to sing while washing your hands. (NPR)

Maybe you shouldn’t buy that… (via Consumerist)

Don’t Gimme Five! (NPR)

Data Blogs You Should Know About

8 Disastrous Product Names (Thanks, Arielle.)

Recruiting Happiness in a Himalayan Kingdom

The Curious Friendship of a Politician and an Actor 

Separation of Press and State

It’s Baaaaaack!  And either John McCain (Marlena) or in a salad (Jenna).

An app to identify fonts by taking a pic with your camera!  (I definitely could have used this when Lauren and I were trying to figure out what font I used on my resume.)

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All Sorts of Interesting Things

University of Maryland to show pirate porn, Maryland Senate says, “over our dead legislative body.  ARR!”

Valerie found this awesome hoax.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for letting me start my day with this:

Ann Coulter falls for fake Obama NASCAR story.

Dissecting rap lyrics.

Baby and goggie:

The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais

World Sunlight Map

The lady I blogged about made City PaperCity Paper spelled “you’re” correctly.

Hogwarts Snaps.

Ben Folds on Soundcheck!!

Synagogue Restored in Historic Philadelphia Prison. (Remember when we went here on a field trip in middle school?)

Maybe I can afford NYC now…

Olympics for the unemployed.

Schott’s Stimulus Simulator (was far better in print form, you paper haters.)

Passover/Mexican food

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You’re in Grammar Country

A lot of funny things are happening today, and not all of them are related to that holiday that keeps me on the edge of my seat for a solid 24-hours.

First, my mother joined Twitter.  If the first five minutes of her membership are any indication, it will provide me with entertainment for years to come.

(In related news, The Guardian is switching to an all-Twitter format.)

The guys at Car Talk are funny.

Also, I recently joined a listserv for a particular neighborhood in DC, hoping to find some apartment listings there.  The postings that pass through my mailbox are quite entertaining on their own, so I read them even when they have nothing to do with housing options.  The following message is the second of two in a series.  This woman is really mad about her Steelers sign.

$1,000 Reward Offered:  Stolen Steelers Banners

Posted by: REDACTED

Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:07 am (PDT)

I am offering a reward of $1,000 (One Thousand Dollars) to information resulting in the arrest and prosecution of the criminal who stole my Steelers banners.

The one banner was hung 20 feet high on the front of my house and was stolen last Friday night/Saturday morning. It is an 8 foot long banner reading “Your In Steelers Country”.

The second was hung on the side of my garage facing my garden and was a three foot square Steelers helmet flag. It was stolen at the end of February.

Police reports were filed for both thefts. If you have any information, please call me at REDACTED. Anonymity will be protected. Otherwise, please call Officer REDACTED at the REDACTED Police Station.

Thank you for your cooperation in stopping the reign of thefts and violation of my home.

Personally, I think someone was more offended by the grammar infraction and took it down to spare others the pain. Besides, Washington, DC is not, by anyone’s measure anywhere near Pittsburgh, ergo this neighborhood is not “Steelers Country,” with or without the “your” or missing the necessary apostrophe denoting ownership.

Unable to stand it much longer, I sent her an e-mail, explaining that I lived in New Jersey, had no idea what happened to her sign and that it should read “You’re in Steelers’ Country.”  Yes, this makes me one of those people, but I felt like I needed to take a stand.

To my shock, she responded.  Nicely, albeit with a few grammatical errors:

[The neighborhood] is actually a great area, with the exception of the one anti-World Champion Steelers non-fan. I’ve heard from alot of Steelers fans in REDACTED and have spoken with them as we wear our Steelers clothing around the neighborhood.

The grammar is from the sign, which is not possessive tense.  You must go crazy with the rest of the Steelers merchandise and fan signs – – most of them have some conflict in wording.

I don’t really go crazy over Steelers merchandise, since I wasn’t really aware of this problem before and I’m not subject to much of it in Central New Jersey…But I am a) surprised that she recognized that this was an error and b) still hung the sign up for the world to see, despite its glaring problem(s).  Do people in Pittsburgh not care about grammar?

To solve this problem, I went to the most natural place to find my answer: Google.  When I started typing “your in s…” I receive the following leads:

your in spanish okay

your in steelers country not okay

your in sign language okay

your in steeler country sign not okay

your in shakespeare okay

your in shakespearean okay

That was it; the only incorrect terms are related to the Steelers.  The best part is that when you follow through with your search for “your in steelers country,” Google recognizes the fact that you’re an idiot and automatically searches for “you’re in steelers country” instead.  Even putting the entire term in quotes does not result in any signs or banners to purchase with the incorrect spelling.  (Even if the seller spells it “your” on his website, the item photo still shows the banner as “you’re.”)

In sum: people in Pittsburgh probably do care about grammar, DC is not Steelers’ Country, and I need a life.

Speaking of which, I have more links to post, but this blog is long enough for the time being.  Stay tuned for more.

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OMG So Much To Post

America: Not obsessed with malls anymore.

Awesome article about the elevator in Fairway.  The best part is the sign: “This elevator is the pits.  We know.  Not a damn thing we or Obama can do about it.  So stop bellyaching, and read or do something.”

Now, for a little bit of this…

This is by far the best thing on the internet this week.  Other than the fact that the man’s title line is “Owns Home Computer,” can you imagine a day when we wake up, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and sit down to read the newspaper at our personal computer?!  Nah, could never happen.

This Congressman is in contention to be my favorite…And not because of his politics (although I’m fairly certain we’re on the same page there, too).  Dad, you’ll love this article.

This would drive me absolutely batty.  Silly British with your road signs.

Matt found this, and it’s highly entertaining.  (If you’re entertained easily like I am).

Lauren found this, and it’s also silly.

This is really silly.  Oh Czechs.

This is just odd, but I like it.

Stay tuned for my recap of the 2009 Superbowl ads.  You can read some of my comments at my twitter:

Also: a special shout out for the best iPhone app to date.  How else could I listen to my favorite Saturday morning WAMU lineup while getting a mani/pedi in New Jersey?  Answer: I couldn’t.

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Quick Blog Before I Disappear For a While Again

The “blog” of unnecessary quotation marks.

Afghan schoolgirls win the most brave of the millennium award (from me, anyway).

Food in D.C. (And it’s not Andrea’s blog.)

Bush declares state of emergency for Obama inauguration.  Read the comments, please.

On a similar note, the Top 25 Bushisms (from Slate, via Alex MD)

The university where I am pursuing a graduate degree provides some excellent course options.

Anyone else excited that Chloe and Tony are back on 24??

In other news: there’s less than a week left of the Bush administration!

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