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Muppets, Crocs, Echidnas and Other Wildlife

You’ve probably all seen this by now, but it wouldn’t be TMN, if I didn’t post the link tying my two favorite television shows together: 30 Rock is a rip off of The Muppet Show. (Thanks, Matt and Lauren, who both sent it to me within an hour.)

Hermes is breeding its own crocodiles to keep up with demand for handbags.

A great story about a librarian who immigrated to our country.

This is one crazy animal.  Look at him!






(photo from NYTimes)


If I was easily embarrassed, I would not post this link.  But I love Guess Who.

Obviously, something like this would happen at my alma mater. 

This is absolutely heartbreaking, but important to read.  (Thanks, Kelaine.)


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Only Important Links Today

Stories about teenagers in The New York Times that mention Bethesda:

Texting May Be Taking a Toll

For Teenagers, Hello Means ‘How About a Hug?’

In other, important news, Gawker on RHONJ.  Warning: may make you laugh out loud at work.  But only if you watch the show.

Pretty sure William Safire is listening to me.

Animatronic Obama at Disney World!

Almost forgot to add this ONN story.

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Don’t Worry, I’m Still Alive

Last weekend I went to Reykjavik. I returned home to be greeted by my computer with the blue screen of death. My second hard drive has crashed, turning my lovely computer into a glorified door stop. This weekend, I am traveling again, keeping me away from a computer for another few days. When I return to New Jersey, I will attempt to post several of the articles I’ve read over the past week. Sorry for the lapse and happy mothers’ day!

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News Flash: I’m Not Married at 25. Mark Regnerus Thinks I am WRONG.

Mark Regnerus, do you really think I should be married now?  Eff you.

“So while many young Americans mark their days in the usual ways — by hitting the clubs, incessantly checking Facebook, Twittering their latest love interest and obsessing about their poor job prospects or how to get into graduate school — my applause goes out to those among them who’ve figured out that the proverb was right. One of those is Jennifer, a 23-year-old former student of mine. She’s getting married this fall. It wasn’t religion that made her do it. It wasn’t fear of being alone. It was simply affection. She met Jake while still in college and decided that there was no point in barhopping through her 20s. Her friends balked. She stood firm. Now they’re bridesmaids”

Oh wow, it’s SO HORRIBLE that I’m not married at 25.

Seinfeld finds out about his people coming through Ellis Island.

A signing bus driver is  leading the way toward my dream of strangers breaking out in dance and song randomly in public.

Obvi the counter protest at Whitman was far better than the protest itself.

April 26, 2009 at 9:32 am 6 comments

Kansas Assholes to Protest My High School

Who wants to counter protest with me? (Thanks to Megan for the heads up.)

In other Maryland news, our state song sucks, but Gene Weingarten wrote new lyrics!

Oh, and Nate Silver is not only smart, but funny, too.

Sometimes you can lose your car in D.C. Because the city gave it a “courtesy tow” and then booted it… (Thanks, Dad.)

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Bills, NPR, Sex and a Ukrainian Band

Bill Nye the Nationals Guy!

And now for a Bill I dislike: Bill O’Reilly; you’re a douche.  (Here’s more on how they got the interview…)

Skipping to the other end of the media spectrum: Everyone loves NPR!  (Or at least more of us do!)

A DUH on sex ed and another duh on Gardasil.

Montgomery County, Maryland schools make the Times AND they mention Potomac!

This rocks my world.  (Thanks Lauren!)

March 26, 2009 at 11:23 am 1 comment

Wednesday Newsday

ABC might put a comedy show in place of “Nightline.” Bad.  Move.

You can follow the plows of certain DC Metro districts on the internet.  Cool.

Bye, Isuzu Joe.  Er, the company.

This might be of interest to some.

A good solution to my biggest fear in life.

The new speaker of the Texas House of Representatives is Jewish!

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