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Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated

First, the news (and things that purport to be news):

Hiroshima, 64 Years Ago

Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator

15 Billboards That Don’t Belong Next to Each Other

The New York Times loves statisticians, too!

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Real column vs. Onion article

Now for some personal commentary:

I watched the movie 39 Steps the other night.  I had seen the show on Broadway and wanted to see the movie it was based on.  Not only does the movie, released in 1935 totally holdup, but I continued to be amazed by how closely the stage play followed the movie–even though the play is a comedy with only three cast members playing all of the roles.  I would highly recommend watching the movie if you’ve seen the play (as I would recommend the play).  Still, I looked up the movie on IMDB, for several entertaining factoids, like the fact that many of the actors were born in the 1800s…But my favorite part was the movie’s awesome (and extremely dated) taglines:

“It’s Great…It’s Grand…It’s Glorious!”

“Handcuffed to the girl who double-crossed him”

“The MAN who put the MAN in roMANce.”

“The Most Charming Brute Who Ever Scorned A Lady”

“Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated”

And the most misogynistic of the group:

“She Hated to be Mastered… But She Learned to Like it from the Man who put the MAN in roMANce”


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Fun News Stories for a Friday Afternoon

A review of the Simpsons stamps that I am a huge fan of, too.

This woman is awesome.

Excellent op-ed on Palin sent to me by the lovely Alex Sullivan.

Drunk Badger Disrupts Traffic in Germany.

Augustus Gloop!

This creepy/cool Evian commercial with roller skating babies only makes me think of one thing.

Creepiest vintage ads of all time. (Thanks Tori Ball!)

Mad Men/Banana Republic advertising partnership!

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Several Articles Proving That New York is a Great City

From the Times:

I found this in the Times a while ago and forgot to post it: Messages Of Hate Met by Scorn And Shrugs.

On This Spot, Something Happened. (Dad, you will especially love this article.)

A Times Square for Our Time, Pedestrian in More Ways Than One.  A well-written article about the pedestrian mall of Times Square:

“But right now, the pedestrian mall, it must be said, looks a little unworthy of New York. The city may be reeling from recession, but the huge orange plastic containers and tatty hardware-store chairs give the sense that it’s already letting itself go, like some Lehman Brothers wife who has not just forsaken her golden highlights, but given up on grooming altogether. Surely someone at Ikea could have helped the city ease this transition — maybe some witty, oversize umbrellas (sure, weighed down), or at least chairs that do not look like they are lonely for the company of pink flamingos.”

Other interesting articles:

Paleontology and Creationism Meet but Don’t Mesh.

This article almost made me cry.

Non-printed, non-news items:

Top 10 Ironic Ads From History.

E-mails From an Asshole.

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Special Kosher for Passover Edition of The Media Nerd

For the first time in quite some time, I read last Sunday’s Times Magazine within a week (applause, please), making this story on African-American Jews actually timely.

The two-minute Haggadah. (Thanks, Mom!)

There are Jews in Bahrain!

20 tons of hot dogs spill on highway.  Okay, they weren’t Hebrew National, so it doesn’t count.  (Thanks, John!)

Okay, that’s it for the KoP stories.  The rest are regular TMN fare, but still Kosher…

University of Maryland shows porn; school does not implode into endless hours of godless procreation.

Bethesda is the second most livable city in the country.

This puppy does dog tricks!

Dangerous things named after women.

Disney templates. (Thanks, Matt!)

The Fabric of Our Lives” commercial to come back…with Zooey Deschanel singing!

I am sure you all know this already, but Kumar comes to Washington.  (Think he was in town for an interview the night we saw him at Local 16?)

Stop Anthropomorphizing Me.

Rice University developing cancer-fighting beer!

Man streaks for a cause.

Creepy mind erasing drugs.

These kids are my heroes.

Last, but most certainly not least…Jon Caramanica did it again: A review of both Flo Rida and Mims’ new albums.

“Like other cadence-obsessed rappers, Busta Rhymes and Twista in particular, Flo Rida threatens to have his content and wordplay obscured behind his rhyme patterns…

…Fortunately (or not) nothing is lost: “R.O.O.T.S.” is hollow and forgettable.  “I’ll be your personal fitness/Girl, I’ma get you addicted,” Flo Rida raps on “Shone,” on which his guest, the R&B singer Pleasure P, proves to be the more nuanced rapper…

…its simple rhyme scheme and astral, unshakable beat impossible to disown.  It made Mims rap’s last great one-hit wonder, which raises the question: If Mims made a great album, would it make a sound?

…Often Mims refers to how hated he’s become for his success, but truly it’s hard to loathe someone so underwhelming.”

Read the rest of the review for more.

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Happy National Grammar Day!

Twin Souls, Long Lost.  The internet version of the article is much more in depth, so even if you read already it in today’s Times, check this version, too.

The Mime Twitters.

Sociologists let loose on Facebook.

The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama.

If your obituary starts with the words “Alan Landers, who started smoking at 9,” you’re lucky to have made it to 68.

America: Under Insured.

Targeted ads, straight from your cable box.

Sign of the economy: The ability to buy concert tickets on layaway.

Some older things I forgot to post:

This article naturally starts with a UMD professor

Philadelphia transit pass features city skyline.  The only problem is that it’s New York City’s skyline…(The transit pass is for Philly’s 2009 Beer Week which apparently starts this Friday.  I would go this weekend, except it is in direct conflict of one of New Jersey’s best beer-drinking experiences.)

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Sunday Funday

Low-Tech Fixes for High-Tech Problems (this is extremely helpful)

Poor Shea Stadium.  (Who else thinks they should call the new one Shea instead of CitiField as a punishment for mismanaging stimulus funds?)

This ad ran in the Times on Wednesday, and I think it’s incredibly depressing.  Come on MetLife Foundation, don’t we have enough crap to deal with?


Because my photography skills are lacking at best, and you may not be able to read it, the caption reads: “Imagine not being able to recognize your best friend.”

I’ll get the tissues.

In happier news: regular people not treated like dirt on Madison Avenue anymore!

Without this man, we wouldn’t have floating boxes over anchors’ right shoulders.

Three-Year-Old Rides Subway Alone (I know this made the NYC news, but I thought the out-of-towners would like it, too.)

Bad theater review!!  (Courtesy of Carey)

“Attending this professional production in the country’s theatrical capital, you might be forgiven for imagining you were in a stuffy high school gym in an anonymous suburb, hostage to the delusional ambitions of an overweening drama teacher who really needs to go back on his medications.”

It gets better…

Earlier, I had the most depressing use of animals in an advertisement.  Here is the best use of animals in an advertisement, courtesy of CuteOverload:

I love the creative use of LOLSpeak and the bunny falling asleep at his bunny computer.  It’s all fantastic really.

This guy created a lot of fonts we use everyday; and he’s not even dead yet! (Courtesy of Mom)

The WaPo tells me where to eat in NYC.  Yay!  (Courtesy of Dad)

Kevin Garnett gives (correct) fashion advice.  (Courtesy of Scott)

Remember those office lip syncs?  There are more now, and while I only watch them doing songs in English, it’s still pretty sweet.  (Some French are better at lip syncing English than others.)

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GREAT Things on the Internet and Mediocre Superbowl Ads

Best thing today: I LEGO NY

Cool twitter map of the Superbowl from the New York Times. I like the halftime part where it goes “SPRINGSTEEN” across the country.

The World’s Weirdest Hotels.

And now, what all you have been waiting for: The First Annual EmGusk Superbowl Commercial Awards!

I picked two commercials for each category.  Let me know which you prefer from each category in the comments.  (There were many commercials I did not like.  I chose not to post them at all because why re-air yucky things?)

First Category: The One LOL

Bud Light Defenestration

Priceline Shatner Impersonation (and I usually abhor Priceline commericals)

Second Category: Commercials That Made Me Smile

Coke Bugs

NBC Mondays Feelin’ Alright

Final Category: Clever Decade Hopping Ads

Audi Chase

Pepsi Forever Young

I guess the moral of the story is I like commercials where you either really can’t tell what the product is or the product is in every single frame.  Also, now that I’ve watched these all again, I’m unimpressed.  Maybe next year will be better.

February 4, 2009 at 8:40 pm 4 comments

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