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What I Forgot to Post Earlier Today

Slate article about camp: You Are How You Camped.

Did you know that the Times has a blog about grammar, usage and style?  I didn’t either!

I’m off early tomorrow morning for a camping trip to celebrate my all-time-favorite holiday, Independence Day.  I love fireworks, apple pie, hot dogs and America, so it’s a natural fit.  When I exclaimed my excitement for the upcoming holiday in my status message today, a friend of mine gchatted me saying:“no, canada day was YESTERDAY”

When I protested, he told me that Boxing Day fell after Christmas, so I was still wrong.  Little does he know that my birthday falls on Boxing Day, making Boxing Day my second favorite holiday.  Sorry, Canada Day.

Happy 4th of July!  See you all on the internet next week.


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So Much Great Stuff, I’m Posting Twice in One Day

This is mean, but great.  It also involves the University of Maryland, basketball, trickery and was filmed yesterday.

A great article from Slate on the internet of 1996.  Er, the World Wide Web of 1996. (Thanks, Kelaine)

Visualizing Target’s growth.

NBA free throws have not improved since the 1960s.

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Quick Blog Before I Disappear For a While Again

The “blog” of unnecessary quotation marks.

Afghan schoolgirls win the most brave of the millennium award (from me, anyway).

Food in D.C. (And it’s not Andrea’s blog.)

Bush declares state of emergency for Obama inauguration.  Read the comments, please.

On a similar note, the Top 25 Bushisms (from Slate, via Alex MD)

The university where I am pursuing a graduate degree provides some excellent course options.

Anyone else excited that Chloe and Tony are back on 24??

In other news: there’s less than a week left of the Bush administration!

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Happy Saturday!

From the NY Times “The Caucus” column:

Mine Workers Protest Anti-Obama Ad and Homer Simpson votes in this week’s Simpsons!  Find out who he (tries to) vote for here.

In other vote-suppression news:

Student voters thwarted by lies

“This year, there’s a lot of peer pressure to vote…Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who doesn’t… It’s okay to like someone, you don’t have to vote for them!”

“I always wanted my first time to be special.  Instead I gave it away to Michael Dukakis.”

In crazy people news:

A link from Katy (who is not crazy, but the man in this story most definitely is nutty).

And a link from Michele (also not crazy, but the little boy in the article will certainly grow up to be a serial killer if something isn’t done).

In other news:

Harder Better Barack Obamer

In case you missed it, Wyatt Cenac sits down with some old Jewish people to watch the first presidential debate.

David Letterman has fun editing clips from the VP debate…of one candidate.

Another great link from Katy, Sarah Palin for Poet Laureate.

What happened last night at 2 am?  All of these people were honking and cheering out of the window.  It’s not when the O.J. Simpson trial verdict came in, that was this morning.  (A convenient 13 years and one day after his first acquittal.)  And they were 12 hours late celebrating the signing of the financial resuce bill.  That’s all I’ve got.

Also, YAY!  Shara’s having a girl 🙂 🙂 🙂

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“Thank God for the Daily Show”

(above quote credited to Ms. Alexandra Sullivan)

I know I wasn’t planning on making my normally politically tinged blog 100% red/blue political, but really, the only articles that have excited me recently are of a political nature.  Everything except for this article about pole dancing, which really is political because it’s about the First Amendment right to teach pole dancing…

Please watch all of last night’s “The Daily Show” if you haven’t already.  It’s phenomenal.

Ah, resentment.

A graphic comparison of the words speakers used at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

New York Times editorial on John McCain.

The Sarah Palin FAQ from Slate.

“A Letter from Someone Who Has Known Sarah Palin Since 1992.” I can’t claim that this is valid, but read and decide for yourself.

I still need to read today’s paper…More to come I’m sure!

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I Can’t Get My Voice Mail to Work and It’s Stressing Me Out

That title has nothing to do with this post, I just had to share.

You know you’ve been waiting for it since last year: The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful 2008. Play Lauren and Emily’s game and try to guess which political party they are before you see. It’s fun! (If you’re from D.C.) Don’t forget to click the link to see “the other 40,” who aren’t ranked. Then, thank God you currently reside in another city. John Warner? Really?!

Don’t worry, the WaPo is full of word nerds like us: This was plastered below the fold on the cover of today’s Style section.

Who will ruin your party? From Valerie, and I’m almost positive the photo for #1 went to our high school, anyone?

Do revolving doors really save energy compared to swinging doors? From Andrea, and I’ve always wondered too.

Also from Valerie: See if you’ll be destructive in the next six years. (Virtually every single boy I’ve ever dated is on this list. Read into this as you will.)

Take Barack Obama’s Constitutional Law final from Fall 2007 if you want to get excited for the coming semester. Woohoo! Zonino!

Ben Bailey from “Cash Cab” tells a harrowing story about plane travel.

Today in…Fun in Presidential Politics!

First, McCain’s campaign came out with this ad, comparing Barack Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Then, a liberal group came out with this video, comparing John McCain to Britney Spears.

Next, TMZ came out with this article, saying that Paris Hilton’s mom and dad donated mucho dinero to the McCain campaign.

Sheesh, I miss the good-old-days of presidential television advertising.

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Catching Up

I took a stack of old newspapers to my friend’s apartment so I could catch up on about a week of Style sections and Metro sections.  Here are the fruits of my labor.  Sorry it’s so old.

Ah, the Heat, the Crowd, the Park and the Booze (Times, Metro, July 16)

Around the City, a Shortage at the Pump: Not of Gas, but of 4s (Times, Metro, July 15)

‘Sesame’ Upgrading Its Address On the Web (Times, Arts, July 15) <–makes me want to be 2 again (but what doesn’t??)

Wrinkles Vs. Religion (Times, ThursdayStyles, July 17) can Jews inject pig collagen to treat wrinkles?

In other news…

Kosher Fail (awesome)

This year’s soccer moms and NASCAR dads, according to Slate.

I’m sure you already saw it, but George Bush calls the economy “hungover.” (He should know.)

Obama wears a yarmulke.

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