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Good Links to Start Your Monday

Although most of you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m bummed that CBS radio is getting rid of their “chirp.” Thanks, Dan, Dan, The Weatherman!

101 Muppets of Sesame Street!!!!  And it’s interactive!

Behind the scenes with the video editor at “The Daily Show.”

Woman changes her name to (Via Jezebel)

A guy drives a Tesla in NYC and gets lots of attention…from men.

Frank Rich on the Sotomayor hearings.

Bo’s thoughts on his time in the White House.

The Onion: New Live Poll Allows Pundits to Pander to Viewers In Real Time

Ridiculous Frisbee action flick.  (According to Manzell, this is a real movie…)

LOLTatz.  Lots of poor life decisions there.

This is old, but Terrapins are not just dangerous on the football field.

Store review!  Marni, on E 67th Street.  Describing the clothing:

“If Jackie Chan was in a screwball fight sequence that took place in a wealthy retirement community and he jumped down a Salvation Army donation chute, this is the stuff he would fly out wearing. It’s senile-fabulous: sporty, loud, intentionally clashing and slightly clownish. Much of it can and should be accessorized with white golf shoes and a Phyllis Diller wig.”


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Happy Belated Bastille Day

Umpires v. Judges.

Coffee cups in NYC. (Mom and Dad, you’ll enjoy this one.)

Frank Rich on Sarah Palin.

A store review for a store where I’ve actually shopped!  Here’s a lovely quote from the review:

“If you were to secretly dose the celebrated Japanese artist Takashi Murakami with LSD, spin him around in a swivel chair, bounce him on a trampoline, then repeatedly hit him over the head with a piñata, the interior of this store would be his hallucination.”

To shock no one, this story on ‘energy shots’ focuses on College Park, Maryland.

A look back on a decade of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Monkeys can recognize poor grammar! (Thanks, Lauren!)

NPR on tourists.

Newspapers cutting out crossword puzzles?!?!  Sad face! (This has been all over my twitter feed, but I did read it first in the Times, so I am not going to attribute it to anyone.  Sorry.)

The “Real World” DC crew looks VERY young.  Does this mean I’m old?

We’re so classy that we go to an art museum one day, and a few weeks later, Bergdorf uses its art in its windows.

I went to this game with my parents, and I think you should all read about the crowd cheering “We want the apple!”

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News Flash: I’m Not Married at 25. Mark Regnerus Thinks I am WRONG.

Mark Regnerus, do you really think I should be married now?  Eff you.

“So while many young Americans mark their days in the usual ways — by hitting the clubs, incessantly checking Facebook, Twittering their latest love interest and obsessing about their poor job prospects or how to get into graduate school — my applause goes out to those among them who’ve figured out that the proverb was right. One of those is Jennifer, a 23-year-old former student of mine. She’s getting married this fall. It wasn’t religion that made her do it. It wasn’t fear of being alone. It was simply affection. She met Jake while still in college and decided that there was no point in barhopping through her 20s. Her friends balked. She stood firm. Now they’re bridesmaids”

Oh wow, it’s SO HORRIBLE that I’m not married at 25.

Seinfeld finds out about his people coming through Ellis Island.

A signing bus driver is  leading the way toward my dream of strangers breaking out in dance and song randomly in public.

Obvi the counter protest at Whitman was far better than the protest itself.

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Battle of the Days

The lasy Saturday in April brings one of my favorite annual events, Maryland Day, where my alma mater goes all out and the world comes to College Park for a good time.  It started as an Ag Day a bunch of years ago and quickly grew to the great event it is today.

Two years ago, as many of you know, I moved to New Jeresy to attend the State University here.  These schools already have quite a few similarites, namely, the colors black and red, excellent women’s basketball programs and a large student body with an enormous proportion of New Jersey natives.

Last year, I realized that Rutgers’ Ag Day fell on the same day as Maryland Day.  Since it was near finals, I realized I wouldn’t be able to travel to The Old Line State, and instead went to my first-ever-Rutgers Ag Day.  It was nice, but it was no Maryland Day.  In fact, even a rainy Maryland Day put Rutgers Ag Day to shame.

Earlier this year, I got either an e-mail, facebook message or some other form of e-communication proclaiming the FIRST EVER RUTGERS DAY!  Pumped that this might actually be worth it, I investigated further, only to find that Rutgers is totally “modeling” Rutgers Day off of Maryland Day.  And if copying is the highest form of flattery, Maryland, FYI, Rutgers has a huge crush on you.

The URLS: vs.  (Okay, that could be a coincidence.)

Time and date: Saturday, April 25, 10 am to 4 pm vs. Saturday, April 25, 10 am to 4 pm. (Hmm.)

Fonts: Both the same. (check out the PDFs of the programs.)

Names: Identical, save for the schools…

Events: Verrrrry similar.

Check out the homepages.  They actually look the same.  Even those little round icons.

So, if any of you are going to Maryland Day this year, take lots of pics.  I’ll make a Flickr of my Rutgers Day photos and then we can see if they’re as eerirly similar as I expect.  Also, I guarantee Maryland Day will be better, but that’s just because they’re the original, and everything is Maryland is better.

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I’m a Navigator

One of my cool friends had this on her blog and I got the link, but then forgot who had shared…

It’s fun and hopefully true!  My travel bug evaluation is that I’m a Navigator:

“You’re logical, practical, realistic, not annoying, thorough, dependable, and an outstanding babysitter.

Your travel bug effects: aversion to confined spaces, deep contented sighs, and an obsession with accruing miles.”

How do you compare?  (In related news, Dad, I’ve told you we should stay in a hostel next time we go abroad as a family.  Read that article, and maybe you’ll agree!)

A photo I took made EngrishFunny!  Brian got that fortune at the Chinese buffet we went to in Florida.  We laughed for about 20 minutes.

Lauren had so many great links on her blog Friday, I have to share so you can read all of them. (Mom, you’ll especially like the animal pictures.)

This weekend’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” was hilarious as usual, but the Not My Job with Paula Deen was epic.

Okay now to real news from the real life newspaper that people like me (and the Columbia School of Journalism) read:

Frank Rich rules.

“WHAT would happen if you crossed that creepy 1960s horror classic “The Village of the Damned” with the Broadway staple ‘A Chorus Line’? You don’t need to use your imagination. It’s there waiting for you on YouTube under the title ‘Gathering Storm’: a 60-second ad presenting homosexuality as a national threat second only to terrorism.”

I watched this show, and thought it stunk, even though it’s written by the creator of one of my favorite shows, has the voice of one of my favorite actresses and is drawn by one of my favorite illustrators.

This article is about teens in Langley Park, Maryland, which means it should have probably run in the WaPo and not the NYT.

Today’s Metropolitan Diary was enjoyable.  The last story almost made me cry and then made me laugh.

The man who picks the ten letters that President Barack Obama reads every day.

I liked this editorial cartoon, and I had to search long and hard to find it, so please click the link!

Interesting that this article ran today, because I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway this Saturday, and I’m guessing there were fewer than a dozen locals in the entire theater, including myself.  At least three-quarters of the audience was wearing jeans, and when I asked the girl in front of me where her group was from, she said “Farmland,” implying that I should know where the hell Farmland is located.  (It’s in Indiana, FYI, and I actually had the nerve to tell the poor girl that no one in New York actually knows of Farmland.)

And now for some Jewish fun…

Passover is over, more bagels are sold, natch.

Jets upset with game on Jewish holiday.

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Special Kosher for Passover Edition of The Media Nerd

For the first time in quite some time, I read last Sunday’s Times Magazine within a week (applause, please), making this story on African-American Jews actually timely.

The two-minute Haggadah. (Thanks, Mom!)

There are Jews in Bahrain!

20 tons of hot dogs spill on highway.  Okay, they weren’t Hebrew National, so it doesn’t count.  (Thanks, John!)

Okay, that’s it for the KoP stories.  The rest are regular TMN fare, but still Kosher…

University of Maryland shows porn; school does not implode into endless hours of godless procreation.

Bethesda is the second most livable city in the country.

This puppy does dog tricks!

Dangerous things named after women.

Disney templates. (Thanks, Matt!)

The Fabric of Our Lives” commercial to come back…with Zooey Deschanel singing!

I am sure you all know this already, but Kumar comes to Washington.  (Think he was in town for an interview the night we saw him at Local 16?)

Stop Anthropomorphizing Me.

Rice University developing cancer-fighting beer!

Man streaks for a cause.

Creepy mind erasing drugs.

These kids are my heroes.

Last, but most certainly not least…Jon Caramanica did it again: A review of both Flo Rida and Mims’ new albums.

“Like other cadence-obsessed rappers, Busta Rhymes and Twista in particular, Flo Rida threatens to have his content and wordplay obscured behind his rhyme patterns…

…Fortunately (or not) nothing is lost: “R.O.O.T.S.” is hollow and forgettable.  “I’ll be your personal fitness/Girl, I’ma get you addicted,” Flo Rida raps on “Shone,” on which his guest, the R&B singer Pleasure P, proves to be the more nuanced rapper…

…its simple rhyme scheme and astral, unshakable beat impossible to disown.  It made Mims rap’s last great one-hit wonder, which raises the question: If Mims made a great album, would it make a sound?

…Often Mims refers to how hated he’s become for his success, but truly it’s hard to loathe someone so underwhelming.”

Read the rest of the review for more.

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All Sorts of Interesting Things

University of Maryland to show pirate porn, Maryland Senate says, “over our dead legislative body.  ARR!”

Valerie found this awesome hoax.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for letting me start my day with this:

Ann Coulter falls for fake Obama NASCAR story.

Dissecting rap lyrics.

Baby and goggie:

The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais

World Sunlight Map

The lady I blogged about made City PaperCity Paper spelled “you’re” correctly.

Hogwarts Snaps.

Ben Folds on Soundcheck!!

Synagogue Restored in Historic Philadelphia Prison. (Remember when we went here on a field trip in middle school?)

Maybe I can afford NYC now…

Olympics for the unemployed.

Schott’s Stimulus Simulator (was far better in print form, you paper haters.)

Passover/Mexican food

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