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…And Now the Monday Times

Nothing on the internet really blew me away today, but there was plenty of good stuff in the newspaper…

Greenland is independent!  And its new government will go by its Inuit name: Naalakkersuisut.  Awesome.

Adopting Forebears’ Faith And Leaving Peru for Israel.  A crazy story about Jews in rural Peru.

You know that woman on the ONN?  She used to be on CNN!

In other news (networks)…I agree that Shepard Smith is a good egg.

Cute cats are collateral damage when governments block sites.”

Via Jezebel:

Khadijah Williams, a homeless teen, is going to Harvard in the fall.  She clearly rocks.

“Mad Men” marketing survey.  It’s kind of like a crappy Choose Your Own Adventure.

Oh, and props to Dad for both of these hilarious videos: Long Island Wants to Secede and Triumph Visits Bonnaroo (via Aziz Ansari).

In major news, I am thrilled that my friend Tad missed this train!


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Hours of Entertainment

Sorry I’m posting these at after 5 pm on a Friday, but you’ll just have to save them for Monday because they are both fantastic, and if you start now, you’ll lose the whole weekend.

First, from Carroll Kim: Sexy People.

And from Joel Willcher (who got it from Andrew): Vintage Microwave.


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Catch-Up Blog

Following up on the last post, yes, my hard drive crashed, so I have a backlog on both articles as well as hundreds of photographs of beautiful Reykjavik. (These will not all be uploaded by the time I post this blog.)  My fantastic professor/boss lent me his old laptop, giving me the opportunity to catch up on my internet life, so this will be a very long blog.

First, on vacation, I almost always catch up on New York Times Magazines.  They’re the perfect travel companion: light, full of reading material, and even when you’re done you can spend hours on the crossword puzzle.  Plus, you can toss the magazine when you’re done, lightening your load on your way home.  (Washington Post Magazines are also great travel reading and now always have Merl Reagle crosswords in the back.)  The following is from the April 26 NYTMag:

William Safire: Wide World of Words (ah, Safire.)

Virginia Heffernan: Comment is King (idiots on the internet)

Christopher Buckley: Mum and Pup and Me (excellent piece; mentions
Reykjavik and I actually read the article while sitting in a cafe in
said city!)

How to make an iPhone stand from a business card. (via Consumerist)

Twenty second songs to sing while washing your hands. (NPR)

Maybe you shouldn’t buy that… (via Consumerist)

Don’t Gimme Five! (NPR)

Data Blogs You Should Know About

8 Disastrous Product Names (Thanks, Arielle.)

Recruiting Happiness in a Himalayan Kingdom

The Curious Friendship of a Politician and an Actor 

Separation of Press and State

It’s Baaaaaack!  And either John McCain (Marlena) or in a salad (Jenna).

An app to identify fonts by taking a pic with your camera!  (I definitely could have used this when Lauren and I were trying to figure out what font I used on my resume.)

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No Word Yet On What Students Are Doing for Makeshift Sleds.

This whole article about college cafeterias eliminating trays wasn’t really that remarkable, but I really liked the way it ended:

“Dr. Spina, of the college food service association, cited another benefit: ‘preparation for the cocktail-party circuit’ by having to balance dishware and cutlery. ‘You eventually have to learn how to hold your hors d’oeuvre and cocktail in one hand while making animated conversation with the other,’ he said, ‘so it’s a life lesson.’

No word yet on what students are doing for makeshift sleds.”

Forgot to post this earlier: Computer Program to Take on “Jeopardy!”

The beer selection at Citi Field is better than it is at Yankee Stadium.

In response to the link I post yesterday, Do I have Pig Flu? (Thanks, Lauren!)

In related news, Matt made this instead of studying for law school finals: Swine Flu is an Asshole.

You think Facebook changed a lot this year?  Apparently, it has changed even more since 1902.

In honor of my upcoming trip to Iceland, I wanted to write something about the awesome film Mighty Ducks 2 and how Emilio Esteves and the gang are challenged by the awfully scary, black-clad, Team Iceland.  Taking the natural first step, I did a Google Image search of as many combinations of the words “mighty ducks,” “two” and “team iceland” eventually settling on “the mighty ducks 2 versus iceland.”  On the second page of results, I came across an image from Lauren’s blog.  Yes, my actual-real-life-not-made-up-internet-friend, Lauren.  (In fact, I think the photo was actually taken at one of my birthday parties, but I’m positive.)  Turns out, in early 2007, Lauren got some internet wanderlust and decided to blog about a “Not-At-All-Fake Five-Day Trip Around the World.” (Which, BTW, actually mentions me).  Naturally, Lauren and Kelly visited Iceland on day four and then visited Jamaica on day five, including a quick mention of the Mighty Ducks hockey team during a Cool Runnings discussion.  Needless to say, the number “2” and the words “versus” and “the” were thrown in there, making Lauren’s blog the 30th result when I searched “the mighty ducks 2 versus iceland” and the internet a very small place indeed.  On that note, I’m going to Iceland today, where I’ll hopefully find Team Iceland so I can take a picture of them and put it on the internet.

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I’m a Navigator

One of my cool friends had this on her blog and I got the link, but then forgot who had shared…

It’s fun and hopefully true!  My travel bug evaluation is that I’m a Navigator:

“You’re logical, practical, realistic, not annoying, thorough, dependable, and an outstanding babysitter.

Your travel bug effects: aversion to confined spaces, deep contented sighs, and an obsession with accruing miles.”

How do you compare?  (In related news, Dad, I’ve told you we should stay in a hostel next time we go abroad as a family.  Read that article, and maybe you’ll agree!)

A photo I took made EngrishFunny!  Brian got that fortune at the Chinese buffet we went to in Florida.  We laughed for about 20 minutes.

Lauren had so many great links on her blog Friday, I have to share so you can read all of them. (Mom, you’ll especially like the animal pictures.)

This weekend’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” was hilarious as usual, but the Not My Job with Paula Deen was epic.

Okay now to real news from the real life newspaper that people like me (and the Columbia School of Journalism) read:

Frank Rich rules.

“WHAT would happen if you crossed that creepy 1960s horror classic “The Village of the Damned” with the Broadway staple ‘A Chorus Line’? You don’t need to use your imagination. It’s there waiting for you on YouTube under the title ‘Gathering Storm’: a 60-second ad presenting homosexuality as a national threat second only to terrorism.”

I watched this show, and thought it stunk, even though it’s written by the creator of one of my favorite shows, has the voice of one of my favorite actresses and is drawn by one of my favorite illustrators.

This article is about teens in Langley Park, Maryland, which means it should have probably run in the WaPo and not the NYT.

Today’s Metropolitan Diary was enjoyable.  The last story almost made me cry and then made me laugh.

The man who picks the ten letters that President Barack Obama reads every day.

I liked this editorial cartoon, and I had to search long and hard to find it, so please click the link!

Interesting that this article ran today, because I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway this Saturday, and I’m guessing there were fewer than a dozen locals in the entire theater, including myself.  At least three-quarters of the audience was wearing jeans, and when I asked the girl in front of me where her group was from, she said “Farmland,” implying that I should know where the hell Farmland is located.  (It’s in Indiana, FYI, and I actually had the nerve to tell the poor girl that no one in New York actually knows of Farmland.)

And now for some Jewish fun…

Passover is over, more bagels are sold, natch.

Jets upset with game on Jewish holiday.

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Emibly Krumlov for WNYC

Great bad review courtesy of Valerie!  (There’s a great fight, too!)

What is your NPR name?  I’m Emibly Krumlov.

I saw this great digital photography art yesterday somewhere, forgot where, and then Matt sent it to me again, so he earns props.

Someone give this girl a scholarship to study violin in college!

How long until the Duggar family is more populous than Vermont?

Monday’s NYT crossword puzzle had the clue “Widespread Internet prank involving a bait-and0switch link to a music video”

Yes folks, that would be RICKROLLING.  Well done, Natan Last.  Well done.

Kosher for Passover Chinese food!  I love the name of the restaurant: Cho-Sen.

All those tea parties yesterday reminded me of this.

Glow-in-the-dark cat.  (Thanks, Phylan!)

Family members on Facebook.

There’s a new way to boil eggs.  I tried it, and the yolks actually turn out yellow.

This lady should be remembered for all of her great work.

Ugh, guns.  Bob Herbert = great.

How the mayor knows who’s not a killer.

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Cute Things, Snarky Things and Other Things

Cute Things:

tweenbots (thanks, Doug!)

Peeps show year three

Snarky Things:

Awesome Times review of Hannah Montana: The Movie.  Because anything in the NYT that starts with “omg ashley,” is worth reading.

I read this review of new miniseries “Harper’s Island” to the girl sitting next to me on the train and, later, to my parents on the phone.  It’s just that good.

“Seven years earlier, six people were murdered on the island by some rampaging nut case who may or may not be dead. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the fall 2003 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings specifically stipulates: ‘When choosing the ideal destination for your dream day, be sure to avoid any place that might have been the sight of an infamous serial killing. You don’t want a downer buzz.’ But whatever; that issue is probably out of print.”

(There are other excellent parts, so please click the link for far more entertainment than the television program will provide.)

Need to buy me a present?  I love these and would enjoy making one.  (Thanks, Carroll Kim!)

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but the WaPo wrote an article about how ridiculously wrong the DC scenes are in “24.” (Thanks, Dad!)

Other Things:

Watch this lady sing.  It’s all over the internets now, so I’m probably too late.

Semitrailer of beer crashes near where the hot dogs spilled last week.  Couldn’t they have timed things a little better so we can have a barbecue? (Thanks to John for both links.)  And when you think of beer and hot dogs, what goes with both?  BASEBALL!

Books about baseball from Flashlight Worthy Books.  Dad, I think I’ve bought you most of those for assorted Hanukkahs and birthdays.  Except for George Will’s, natch.

More on baseball: The Toilet Ratio.

More on toilets: Where to Pee in NYC. (Thanks, Dad!)

Crimes caught by Google Street View. (Including people who couldn’t find toilets…)

Use Facebook a lot?  You’d probably have a lower GPA if you were still in school.  (There is a lot wrong with this study but it’s also brought to you by Captain Obvious.)

Darwin winner of the day: Woman calls 911 to say “Help!  I’m locked in my car.

Hey, Dick Cheney, we’re so over you.

All Is Not Lost For the Class of 2009.  Interesting quote from the article:

“Write: ‘I’m looking for a job in D.C. in public policy.  Anyone got any ideas?  Leads?  Advice?’

This girl!  Right here!  That’s me!

Krugman’s op-ed doesn’t even have to mention the real meaning of “tea bagging” to prove that Republicans should be embarrassed.  (Special note to parental units and others who are unaware of the true meaning: Don’t Google it or ask me, please.)

Disney’s research into the minds of boys.  Please share your knowledge (on those a bit older)!

It’s hard to write romantic stories because people have cell phones.

Twitter: Not useless.

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