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Hours of Entertainment

Sorry I’m posting these at after 5 pm on a Friday, but you’ll just have to save them for Monday because they are both fantastic, and if you start now, you’ll lose the whole weekend.

First, from Carroll Kim: Sexy People.

And from Joel Willcher (who got it from Andrew): Vintage Microwave.



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Sarah Palin, Mozzarella Bars and the High End Girlfriend Index

On Wednesdays, I sit next to a girl in law class who lived in Bethesda during college, so before class starts the two of us talk about how much we love B-Town.  I also happened to be paging through the Times Dining In section today, reading an article about the first mozzarella bar to open in Manhattan.  Excited, I read the article to discover that there was a mozzarella bar in BETHESDA first!  Not only is this an awesome idea, but how often does a D.C. suburb beat Manhattan to a restaurant?!  I guess only if it’s Bethesda…

Also, Tatiana had this great tidbit on her gchat status: MoCo = the best place to live if you want to get old.

Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Science Issues

Jess kindly posted this tour of Wasilla, Alaska on facebook.

From Ted, the High End Girlfriend Index (and the first time I post something from The Daily News)

Building a Sarah Palin wig!

The Supreme Court’s global influence is waning.  Sigh.

The Nationals like to screw things up for the Mets in September.  Sorry Dad!

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Sunday Times!

Awesome kid decides to go to college instead of signing for a million dollars with the Red Sox out of high school.

Prison puppies! (Quite possibly better than Pound Puppies)

Puzzles to celebrate Noah Webster’s 250th birthday!

I read a LOT more, but I didn’t want to post seven-billion articles.

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I Read More During Finals

From this week’s Economist:

Speedy Decline (in methamphetamine use in the States, but I haven’t read anything about it in the American press…)

Speaking of the American press… On the Brink (American newspapers are in trouble.)

More on the violin found by a cabdriver: Concerto in the Key of G, for Grateful.  I highly recommend the audio slide show as well.

The Onion‘s War for the White House Glossary.  It’ll keep you laughing through this interminable primary.  Or at least for the next five minutes.

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Best Story of the Day

Violinist Philipe Quint Puts on Concert for Newark Cabbies at Airport

Sorry the articles are weak.  I’m still bitter because my newspaper was stolen again.

BUT Christopher sent me another great video:

Don’t Fall In Love With a Homo (not parental appropriate, unless you’re my parents who will probably find it hysterical)

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My Favorite Job Listing of the Year

Ned’s Job of the Week: March 32nd

Happy Holiday and happy birthday Alli, Martha, Tom, Sarah, Laura, and Darren!

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Emily’s Selections From the Sunday Times

And I’m going to try to tie them all together. Wish me luck.

First, You Can’t Just Blow Up History about the future destruction of both Shea and Yankee Stadiums. From the special baseball section in today’s Times. Once again, HAPPY OPENING DAY! GO NATS!

I missed the Nationals’ first season (2005) Opening Day because I was studying abroad in Prague. The Nats did fairly well that season, and then I jinxed them by coming back stateside. Nevertheless, Prague was great, and today’s Travel section had a nice tie in with Czech author Milan Kundera’s novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being, calling the article Trumping the Unbearable Darkness of History (oh, so clever).


An article in the back of the Times Book Review mentions that a guy saw a copy of Unbearable Lightness of Being on a girl’s bedside table and wrote off having a relationship with her because he thought “uh-oh; trendy, bogus metaphysics, sex involving a bowler hat,” and felt that it wouldn’t be a good thing. The article, called It’s Not You, It’s Your Books, talks about how some of us judge potential suitors on their reading material. Hell, I even had a thing with an exboyfriend where we made fun of anyone who read James Patterson, but I’m pretty sure we both read Dan Brown and maybe a Russian spy novel every now and then, so we can’t claim complete snobbishness…


Speaking of Russia, a new vodka was just released there, geared specifically toward women: Russian Vodka With a Feminine Kick. But I just feel like some things don’t need to be gendered.

But maybe dance squads should be…The Florida Marlins have the first all-male, plus-size dance troupe in the Major League. I shouldn’t judge until I see them, but I be they’re great. Take Them Out, And Let Them Shake That Stuff!


Men are dogs, but at least in New York you can rent one. A dog, not a man: For a Temporary Best-Friend Fix, Rent a Dog (Kibble Included) for a Day. And I really can’t think of a moderately cute way to tie dogs to carry-on luggage, other than that I’ve been on flights before where people have carried on dogs, and I always wonder what happens to people who are allergic to animal fur. I mean, we can’t have peanuts on planes anymore because of allergies, right?

From Travel, and agreeing with things I’ve been saying for a while: Waging the Battle of the Overhead Bin.

Finally, I’m on top of the world because I’m sitting here watching my lovely Nationals, who just won on walk-off homerun! Oh, and the crowd had a resounding “boo” for ‘ol George W. Bush. There’s nothing I love more than the start of baseball season; that, and free speech!

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