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Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated

First, the news (and things that purport to be news):

Hiroshima, 64 Years Ago

Kenyan Birth Certificate Generator

15 Billboards That Don’t Belong Next to Each Other

The New York Times loves statisticians, too!

Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Health-Care Reform

Real column vs. Onion article

Now for some personal commentary:

I watched the movie 39 Steps the other night.  I had seen the show on Broadway and wanted to see the movie it was based on.  Not only does the movie, released in 1935 totally holdup, but I continued to be amazed by how closely the stage play followed the movie–even though the play is a comedy with only three cast members playing all of the roles.  I would highly recommend watching the movie if you’ve seen the play (as I would recommend the play).  Still, I looked up the movie on IMDB, for several entertaining factoids, like the fact that many of the actors were born in the 1800s…But my favorite part was the movie’s awesome (and extremely dated) taglines:

“It’s Great…It’s Grand…It’s Glorious!”

“Handcuffed to the girl who double-crossed him”

“The MAN who put the MAN in roMANce.”

“The Most Charming Brute Who Ever Scorned A Lady”

“Fated to be Mated with the One Man She Hated”

And the most misogynistic of the group:

“She Hated to be Mastered… But She Learned to Like it from the Man who put the MAN in roMANce”


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Monkeys, Girl Scouts, Camping, Reading, Disney World and Other Summer-Friendly Topics

Once again, Lauren beat me to virtually everything on Friday, but I’m not holding it against her.  I just have to click “Publish” earlier in the day and not wait till Sunday…

In other old news, I guarantee you have all seen this already, but I did find this before it made the news and my mother called me about it: Dancing wedding happiness.

Orangutan and doggie are bffs. (Thanks, Savannah.)

Creationist Girl Scout gets Gold Award.  Lamezors. (Via Jezebel)

The one reason I’m glad I’m not at camp this summer.  In other camp-related news, camping in New York City sounds soooo much fun.  (FYI, Dad, look at the Queens site.)

These real morning anchors sound a lot like the morning anchors on The Onion News Network. (And might be more annoying, too.)

I enjoyed virtually all of the stories in the New York Times’ special Education section and think you will, too.  (FYI, the word “special” is describing the section, not the education.)

The National Symphony will provide live program notes via Twitter!

A slide show of Knickerbocker reminders in New York City.

This list of books that take place in New Jersey would have been a lot more timely when I was moving to the state instead of away from the Garden State.

Lauren found this, but I’m posting it because it’s about EPCOT, and I love EPCOT…Incidentally, who the hell videotapes all of Carousel of Progress?  People who love lame rides?  People who record every second of their family vacation?  Insomniacs?  Marie and I decided to go to it in March, killing time before the fireworks and it was so bad we bailed midway.  (It was also replaying each “room” twice.  Horrible.)  We are such Disney World rebels.

Two things of note here: Wow, that toddler totally is Anna Nicole and please watch the crazy German lady.

Am I perpetuating this by posting this article?

Forgoing our National Mall for pet projects is a travesty.  Come on, Congress, it’s our NATIONAL Mall, fund that shit.

Once again, leaving the most important for the end: An Abortion Battle, Fought to the Death.  Please read this article in its entirety.

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Sunday Times Recap

I didn’t get back to my apartment quickly enough yesterday to get the Sunday sections delivered on Saturday (too busy celebrating Allyson’s birthday), but here are my favorite articles from the Sunday sections that arrived today:

A Postmark May Trample Civic Pride.  This article is unintentionally hilarious.

Beekeepers Keep the Lid On.  Illegal beekeeping!  Intriguing.

The Public Editor on Putting a Price on News.  I really like this ombudsman, but I miss our old omtubsman.

In other, non-New York Times news:

Matt got to meet a cyborg turtle!

JTimb is good at Yiddish.

Bill O’Reilly really angers me.  Watch this if you want to make your blood boil a little bit.  Part of it was on “The Daily Show” last week, but this is the full interview.  (Sorry for the delay in posting this, I wanted to wait till I had the time to watch the whole piece.)

Weird personal ads from the 19th century…And the author is a PhD candidate at Rutgers!

Oh, and my cousin has a blog!  It’s about gardening, which I normally couldn’t give two flips about, but she writes so well, it’s a joy to read.

Now that I’m done reading today’s Times, I’m going to go read a real book!  And not Twilight, which I just finished and absolutely did not like.

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Muppets, Crocs, Echidnas and Other Wildlife

You’ve probably all seen this by now, but it wouldn’t be TMN, if I didn’t post the link tying my two favorite television shows together: 30 Rock is a rip off of The Muppet Show. (Thanks, Matt and Lauren, who both sent it to me within an hour.)

Hermes is breeding its own crocodiles to keep up with demand for handbags.

A great story about a librarian who immigrated to our country.

This is one crazy animal.  Look at him!






(photo from NYTimes)


If I was easily embarrassed, I would not post this link.  But I love Guess Who.

Obviously, something like this would happen at my alma mater. 

This is absolutely heartbreaking, but important to read.  (Thanks, Kelaine.)

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Bills, NPR, Sex and a Ukrainian Band

Bill Nye the Nationals Guy!

And now for a Bill I dislike: Bill O’Reilly; you’re a douche.  (Here’s more on how they got the interview…)

Skipping to the other end of the media spectrum: Everyone loves NPR!  (Or at least more of us do!)

A DUH on sex ed and another duh on Gardasil.

Montgomery County, Maryland schools make the Times AND they mention Potomac!

This rocks my world.  (Thanks Lauren!)

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So, I never really write about my own, personal experiences, but this one is terrible and I wanted to share.

I went to the Student Health Center of Large State University today to find out if I am allergic to this smelly lotion that made my legs itchy, fully aware that they don’t have an allergist there, but knowing I could get a referral.  When I asked for said referral, they basically told me I would have to pay out-of-pocket to see one because apparently I only have the basic student health insurance.

SAY WHAT!?  I thought I had Super-Duper-Fancy-Graduate-Assistant-Health-Insurance because I was, you know, an employee of The University and all.  No, they said, we think you’re a Regular Student, which means if anything happens to you, just pop on over to your friendly Student Health Center and we’ll see what we can do, but we can’t send you to an allergist, or help you pay for your lady pills, because that would make too much sense.  Please call HR.

“Hi, HR, can you help me?”

HR does not respond for over four hours.

So I call the lady who was supposed to sign me up for The Insurance when I signed on to payroll as an employee entitled to fancy things like health care.  Let’s call her “Helga.”  “Hi,” I said,  “I don’t have the Super-Duper-Fancy-Graduate-Assistant-Health-Insurance like I am supposed to have.  But I see the website that says ‘please notify Helga if you want health insurance,’ and a copy of the e-mail I sent to you four months ago saying ‘ Dear Helga, I want health insurance, please.'”

Helga: “Call Roger*.”

*Not his real name, this is like Cosmo, except without the half-naked men and the recycled sex tips.

So I call Roger.  He says, “call HR.”

Somehow, by the miraculous coincidence you only ever see in sitcoms and made-for-TV-movies, at this very moment I receive an e-mail from HR saying, “you’re only on the regular student health plan.”

Yeah, I know.  I call The Health Insurance Company.

Angry Lady Who Hates Her Life and Works for Health Insurance Company says: “You’re on the regular student health plan.  Not the Super-Duper-Fancy-Graduate-Assistant-Health-Insurance List.  Call HR.”

Oh don’t worry, Angry Lady, HR and I are so tight, we’re e-mail buddies, and HR is e-mailing me right now, because obvi, my life is a made-for-TV-movie.

HR says: “Congratulations!  You are on the Super-Duper-Fancy-Graduate-Assistant-Health-Insurance List!  You can get medical care and attention!  Your cards are a-coming!”

But The Insurance Company JUST said, “you are not on The List.”

Tired of e-mails, I call HR.  “Hello,” he says.  “The Insurance Company says I am not on The List,” I say.  “Oh,” he says, “I will fix this tomorrow.”

I tell him that I have a Big Basketball Game tonight and if I get injured, he will receive a phone call from me (or my mom) so that my Super-Duper-Fancy-Graduate-Assistant-Health-Insurance is expedited and I can be taken care of quickly.  So if you are playing my intramural team in basketball tonight, please do not hurt me.

Then Lauren sent me this and this, because laughing at things babies say and stupid people makes everything better.

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Happy National Grammar Day!

Twin Souls, Long Lost.  The internet version of the article is much more in depth, so even if you read already it in today’s Times, check this version, too.

The Mime Twitters.

Sociologists let loose on Facebook.

The Wizards Fan Who Talked Trash to Obama.

If your obituary starts with the words “Alan Landers, who started smoking at 9,” you’re lucky to have made it to 68.

America: Under Insured.

Targeted ads, straight from your cable box.

Sign of the economy: The ability to buy concert tickets on layaway.

Some older things I forgot to post:

This article naturally starts with a UMD professor

Philadelphia transit pass features city skyline.  The only problem is that it’s New York City’s skyline…(The transit pass is for Philly’s 2009 Beer Week which apparently starts this Friday.  I would go this weekend, except it is in direct conflict of one of New Jersey’s best beer-drinking experiences.)

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