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Emibly Krumlov for WNYC

Great bad review courtesy of Valerie!  (There’s a great fight, too!)

What is your NPR name?  I’m Emibly Krumlov.

I saw this great digital photography art yesterday somewhere, forgot where, and then Matt sent it to me again, so he earns props.

Someone give this girl a scholarship to study violin in college!

How long until the Duggar family is more populous than Vermont?

Monday’s NYT crossword puzzle had the clue “Widespread Internet prank involving a bait-and0switch link to a music video”

Yes folks, that would be RICKROLLING.  Well done, Natan Last.  Well done.

Kosher for Passover Chinese food!  I love the name of the restaurant: Cho-Sen.

All those tea parties yesterday reminded me of this.

Glow-in-the-dark cat.  (Thanks, Phylan!)

Family members on Facebook.

There’s a new way to boil eggs.  I tried it, and the yolks actually turn out yellow.

This lady should be remembered for all of her great work.

Ugh, guns.  Bob Herbert = great.

How the mayor knows who’s not a killer.


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Cute Things, Snarky Things and Other Things

Cute Things:

tweenbots (thanks, Doug!)

Peeps show year three

Snarky Things:

Awesome Times review of Hannah Montana: The Movie.  Because anything in the NYT that starts with “omg ashley,” is worth reading.

I read this review of new miniseries “Harper’s Island” to the girl sitting next to me on the train and, later, to my parents on the phone.  It’s just that good.

“Seven years earlier, six people were murdered on the island by some rampaging nut case who may or may not be dead. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the fall 2003 issue of Martha Stewart Weddings specifically stipulates: ‘When choosing the ideal destination for your dream day, be sure to avoid any place that might have been the sight of an infamous serial killing. You don’t want a downer buzz.’ But whatever; that issue is probably out of print.”

(There are other excellent parts, so please click the link for far more entertainment than the television program will provide.)

Need to buy me a present?  I love these and would enjoy making one.  (Thanks, Carroll Kim!)

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but the WaPo wrote an article about how ridiculously wrong the DC scenes are in “24.” (Thanks, Dad!)

Other Things:

Watch this lady sing.  It’s all over the internets now, so I’m probably too late.

Semitrailer of beer crashes near where the hot dogs spilled last week.  Couldn’t they have timed things a little better so we can have a barbecue? (Thanks to John for both links.)  And when you think of beer and hot dogs, what goes with both?  BASEBALL!

Books about baseball from Flashlight Worthy Books.  Dad, I think I’ve bought you most of those for assorted Hanukkahs and birthdays.  Except for George Will’s, natch.

More on baseball: The Toilet Ratio.

More on toilets: Where to Pee in NYC. (Thanks, Dad!)

Crimes caught by Google Street View. (Including people who couldn’t find toilets…)

Use Facebook a lot?  You’d probably have a lower GPA if you were still in school.  (There is a lot wrong with this study but it’s also brought to you by Captain Obvious.)

Darwin winner of the day: Woman calls 911 to say “Help!  I’m locked in my car.

Hey, Dick Cheney, we’re so over you.

All Is Not Lost For the Class of 2009.  Interesting quote from the article:

“Write: ‘I’m looking for a job in D.C. in public policy.  Anyone got any ideas?  Leads?  Advice?’

This girl!  Right here!  That’s me!

Krugman’s op-ed doesn’t even have to mention the real meaning of “tea bagging” to prove that Republicans should be embarrassed.  (Special note to parental units and others who are unaware of the true meaning: Don’t Google it or ask me, please.)

Disney’s research into the minds of boys.  Please share your knowledge (on those a bit older)!

It’s hard to write romantic stories because people have cell phones.

Twitter: Not useless.

April 14, 2009 at 3:26 pm 2 comments

All Sorts of Interesting Things

University of Maryland to show pirate porn, Maryland Senate says, “over our dead legislative body.  ARR!”

Valerie found this awesome hoax.

Thanks to Rachel Maddow for letting me start my day with this:

Ann Coulter falls for fake Obama NASCAR story.

Dissecting rap lyrics.

Baby and goggie:

The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais

World Sunlight Map

The lady I blogged about made City PaperCity Paper spelled “you’re” correctly.

Hogwarts Snaps.

Ben Folds on Soundcheck!!

Synagogue Restored in Historic Philadelphia Prison. (Remember when we went here on a field trip in middle school?)

Maybe I can afford NYC now…

Olympics for the unemployed.

Schott’s Stimulus Simulator (was far better in print form, you paper haters.)

Passover/Mexican food

April 3, 2009 at 3:18 pm 1 comment

Lots ‘O Links

Last Saturday was what is now commonly referred to as St. Hoboken’s DayAn internet friend blogged about it.

MisEntropy writes about 10 things he learned last week, like that “The Ikea catalogue is the world’s largest printed publication distributed for free – with 3 times as many copies in circulation as the Bible.”  Wow.

Poll of NYC residents shown through a map!

Where Cash Registers Go to get Their ‘Ka-Ching’ Back

Love Lemony Snicket?  Here are two interviews with Daniel Handler about his new book, which I’m totally excited to read/listen.

People are buying cheap vodka now.

Worried about the newspaper industry…The most important quote:

“What is under attack is the fundamental machinery of the Fourth Estate, not just the local newspapers that some love to hate and others, including many young consumers, are indifferent to.

Whatever the solution, the capacity to produce accountability reporting, investigative journalism and robust coverage of public officials is not sustainable under current revenue models. And that is not a business problem; it’s a civic one.”

Generation OMG.

iPhone apps that help with driving a car.

Miracles Take Time.

Sen. David Vitter (R-Gomorrah) has more moves than a Bourbon Street professional.” (Thanks for the heads up, Scott!)

A young conservative is going to have an op-ed column in the Times.

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Only Titles Thursday

Sorry, no time for editorial comment today.

Rename Law?  No Wisecrack Is Left Behind

‘Project Runway’ Battle Dampens Fashion Week

I Was a Regency Zombie

Under Broadway, the Subway Hums Bernstein

The Best And the Brightest

Did You Know?

Japanese Cat Humiliation

Social Commentary From a Comedian

LMNOP Oscar Fashion Recap

Penn Commuters May Reclaim Pedestrian Tunnel From Rats

(Thanks to The New York Times, Dad, Carey, Lauren E.,  Lauren M. and Ted)

February 26, 2009 at 11:19 am 1 comment

OMG So Much To Post

America: Not obsessed with malls anymore.

Awesome article about the elevator in Fairway.  The best part is the sign: “This elevator is the pits.  We know.  Not a damn thing we or Obama can do about it.  So stop bellyaching, and read or do something.”

Now, for a little bit of this…

This is by far the best thing on the internet this week.  Other than the fact that the man’s title line is “Owns Home Computer,” can you imagine a day when we wake up, pour ourselves a cup of coffee and sit down to read the newspaper at our personal computer?!  Nah, could never happen.

This Congressman is in contention to be my favorite…And not because of his politics (although I’m fairly certain we’re on the same page there, too).  Dad, you’ll love this article.

This would drive me absolutely batty.  Silly British with your road signs.

Matt found this, and it’s highly entertaining.  (If you’re entertained easily like I am).

Lauren found this, and it’s also silly.

This is really silly.  Oh Czechs.

This is just odd, but I like it.

Stay tuned for my recap of the 2009 Superbowl ads.  You can read some of my comments at my twitter:

Also: a special shout out for the best iPhone app to date.  How else could I listen to my favorite Saturday morning WAMU lineup while getting a mani/pedi in New Jersey?  Answer: I couldn’t.

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More Bad News

Sad face.

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