Barack Obama’s 100th Day, but Apparently We’re All Going to Get Swine Flu

April 29, 2009 at 5:29 pm Leave a comment

100 Days of Barack Obama’s News Feed.

Conservatives don’t know Colbert is joking.

In related news, Michele Bachmann is a complete nut job, as is Virginia Foxx.  ($10 says they don’t know Colbert is joking, either.)

From Justin, amusingly defaced street signs.

I don’t 100% agree with this guy, but he is so right on very many points.

Sure the Nationals are not great at baseball, but they might make your marriage last longer.

Thanks, Jimmy Carter.

NYT on Kindle.

Do you have swine flu?

Picture update: Scholars in New York (it’s not very scholarly), My First Visit to CitiField (I rooted for the other team), Rutgers Day 2009 (anyone have Maryland Day 2009 photos?).  Okay, that should keep you busy for a while.


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News Flash: I’m Not Married at 25. Mark Regnerus Thinks I am WRONG. No Word Yet On What Students Are Doing for Makeshift Sleds.

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