I’m a Navigator

April 20, 2009 at 10:48 pm 1 comment

One of my cool friends had this on her blog and I got the link, but then forgot who had shared…

It’s fun and hopefully true!  My travel bug evaluation is that I’m a Navigator:

“You’re logical, practical, realistic, not annoying, thorough, dependable, and an outstanding babysitter.

Your travel bug effects: aversion to confined spaces, deep contented sighs, and an obsession with accruing miles.”

How do you compare?  (In related news, Dad, I’ve told you we should stay in a hostel next time we go abroad as a family.  Read that article, and maybe you’ll agree!)

A photo I took made EngrishFunny!  Brian got that fortune at the Chinese buffet we went to in Florida.  We laughed for about 20 minutes.

Lauren had so many great links on her blog Friday, I have to share so you can read all of them. (Mom, you’ll especially like the animal pictures.)

This weekend’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” was hilarious as usual, but the Not My Job with Paula Deen was epic.

Okay now to real news from the real life newspaper that people like me (and the Columbia School of Journalism) read:

Frank Rich rules.

“WHAT would happen if you crossed that creepy 1960s horror classic “The Village of the Damned” with the Broadway staple ‘A Chorus Line’? You don’t need to use your imagination. It’s there waiting for you on YouTube under the title ‘Gathering Storm’: a 60-second ad presenting homosexuality as a national threat second only to terrorism.”

I watched this show, and thought it stunk, even though it’s written by the creator of one of my favorite shows, has the voice of one of my favorite actresses and is drawn by one of my favorite illustrators.

This article is about teens in Langley Park, Maryland, which means it should have probably run in the WaPo and not the NYT.

Today’s Metropolitan Diary was enjoyable.  The last story almost made me cry and then made me laugh.

The man who picks the ten letters that President Barack Obama reads every day.

I liked this editorial cartoon, and I had to search long and hard to find it, so please click the link!

Interesting that this article ran today, because I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway this Saturday, and I’m guessing there were fewer than a dozen locals in the entire theater, including myself.  At least three-quarters of the audience was wearing jeans, and when I asked the girl in front of me where her group was from, she said “Farmland,” implying that I should know where the hell Farmland is located.  (It’s in Indiana, FYI, and I actually had the nerve to tell the poor girl that no one in New York actually knows of Farmland.)

And now for some Jewish fun…

Passover is over, more bagels are sold, natch.

Jets upset with game on Jewish holiday.


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Emibly Krumlov for WNYC Why the NYT Writes “Nascar” Instead of “NASCAR”

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  • 1. Alex Nj  |  April 28, 2009 at 10:02 pm

    this one jets player is especially distraught


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