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March 11, 2009 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

Last Saturday was what is now commonly referred to as St. Hoboken’s DayAn internet friend blogged about it.

MisEntropy writes about 10 things he learned last week, like that “The Ikea catalogue is the world’s largest printed publication distributed for free – with 3 times as many copies in circulation as the Bible.”  Wow.

Poll of NYC residents shown through a map!

Where Cash Registers Go to get Their ‘Ka-Ching’ Back

Love Lemony Snicket?  Here are two interviews with Daniel Handler about his new book, which I’m totally excited to read/listen.

People are buying cheap vodka now.

Worried about the newspaper industry…The most important quote:

“What is under attack is the fundamental machinery of the Fourth Estate, not just the local newspapers that some love to hate and others, including many young consumers, are indifferent to.

Whatever the solution, the capacity to produce accountability reporting, investigative journalism and robust coverage of public officials is not sustainable under current revenue models. And that is not a business problem; it’s a civic one.”

Generation OMG.

iPhone apps that help with driving a car.

Miracles Take Time.

Sen. David Vitter (R-Gomorrah) has more moves than a Bourbon Street professional.” (Thanks for the heads up, Scott!)

A young conservative is going to have an op-ed column in the Times.


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Debacle Spring BREAK!

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