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Hey TMN readers, Lauren from LMNOP here.  I’m filling in for Emily today because she got her hand stuck in a New York Times dispenser while listening to an NPR podcast on her iPhone and is waiting for the fire department to come and extricate her . . . OK, that’s a lie, but couldn’t you so see that happening to her?

Anyway, Emily can’t post for the next couple of days, so she asked me to blogsit.  I have done my best to scan the NYT/NPR/WaPo/Internets-at-large for things she would have linked to, but forgive me if I’ve missed anything important.

So here we go . . .

Apparently the incidence of accidental injuries is higher in rural areas.  One less reason to be a hick.

The Stories Behind 20 Muppet Favorites.  A Muppets link?  Man, I am so good at being Emily.

Remember that D.C. guy who sued his drycleaner for $54 million over pants?  He’s ba-ack! Seriously, dude–move on with your life.

Twitter has been a mess lately.

MD schools are the best in the country. Does it logically follow that blogs written by those schools’ graduates are also the best in the country?  You be the judge.

British people are eating squirrels now? WTF, Brits?


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First Post of 2009! No Internet Access Makes Emily Read a Lot More

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