Turkey Killing, Presidential Snubbing and Amazing Crossword Puzzle Tie-Ins

November 23, 2008 at 2:57 pm Leave a comment

These are some of the best videos that popped up since I last posted:

World leaders refuse to shake Bush’s hand

Sarah Palin gives an interview with a turkey bloodbath as background

You probably all read Fail Blog on your Google Reader, but this one made me laugh: Speeding Ticket Fail

Also from Fail Blog: a very true bookstore sorting fail

Vote on the challenged ballots from the Minnesota senatorial election that is still going on…

A Times book review written entirely in (semi-) rhyming prose.

Last week, The Simpsons had a tie-in with the New York Times Sunday crossword.  Although someone stole my paper and I didn’t have the chance to do the puzzle, the show was hilar and the NYTimes Crossword blog has a nice recap of the making of the show.  Still, the best part is the puzzle Lisa completes during the show.  I have the solution here: the diagonal reads: “Dumb dad sorry for his bet” and the first letters of all of the clues spell out to read (punctuation/capitalization my own): “Dear Lisa, you make me so happy.  Really, really, really happy.  Sorry he told me I needed a hundred forty-four letters.  What was my point again?  Oh right: Bouvier or Simpson, I cherish you.”

Not only does it conclude the show and work the plot perfectly, but it also sounds like Homer would actually say that!  Thanks to the writers of The Simpsons, Mearl Reagle and Will Shortz.  You guys are amazing.

Still have to get to the Sunday Times.


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