The God Dashboard, Peeing in Public, Secrets of the Daily Show, T-Pain, and Fun Post-Election Links

November 12, 2008 at 10:42 am 1 comment

Lauren just called this “The God Dashboard.”  SO COOL.

This story made me happy for humanity.

When New Jersey politicians come to D.C…they pee in public.  On other people.

Deep secrets of “The Daily Show.”

The Economist wants you to learn while you eat pizza.  Read the details of the marketing plan, too.

You know I love when the New York Times reviews rap albums.  Here’s the latest on T-Pain’s “Thr33 Ringz”

“He even breaks the fourth wall, talking process on ‘Long Lap Dance,’ about how a private dance in a strip club, a fixed-price commodity, is a better bargain the longer the song that accompanies it is.”

Yes, I am sure T-Pain was drawing supply and demand curves when penning the lyrics to “Long Lap Dance.”

In post-electoral news:

Maps of the 2008 Election (but really, really cool)

Barack Obama in cupcake form

Barack Obama’s election night flickr album

Sweet t-shirt (thanks Lauren)

WaPo Limerick Contest Results!

In 2005, Obama roasted Rahm Emanuel, here’s the YouTube clip (and it’s funny!).  (Thanks Arielle and Alex NJ)

Finally, in presidential pet news:

Socks the Cat is still alive! I think he wrote me a letter in 1994. (Thanks Phylan)

Peru Offers Bald Dog of Incas to Obama Family (the headline itself is silly)


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I’m Partisan and I Can’t Help It. That’s What She Said.

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