Best Night of Television in Months

November 3, 2008 at 9:59 am 2 comments

First, 60 Minutes tonight had great stories tonight, I recommend watching all three of them: Reservists Face Rocky Return in Job Market, a guy who fooled a whole town into thinking he was a federal agent, and this phenomenal story about paralyzed people can use their brains to control computers.  When the last story was on, my chin might have literally hit the floor.

After that, the Simpson’s Halloween Treehouse of Horror was on–the first time I’ve watched a new Simpsons in a while, and it has a Wikipedia entry already, natch.  Highlights include the opening Homer voting for president bit and a parody of Mad Men and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. The best “scary names” in the credits this year were the first names “Washington Mutual” and “Hockey Mom.”  Way to be relevant, Simpsons!

In other news…

Willie Geist wears a McCain-Palin shirt on the Upper West Side in front of Zabar’s to see what response he’ll get.  Quite a different response from those responding to the Obama supporters at an Ohio rally with Sarah Palin…(If that last video doesn’t rile you up, I don’t know what will.)

Speaking of Sarah Palin, she was the victim of a prank phone call over the weekend.  Emily sent me the audio!

Yeah, maybe you should vote.

This is also a tad frustrating:  Apparently “we all know” who the anti-semite who Obama hangs out with.  Later, Rick Sanchez explains it and also has an enlightening video with conservative radio host.

A tally of whether newspapers have endorsed Obama or McCain.  It stood at 240-114 Friday.  Sounds like an electoral vote count…

The New York Times totally stole MY idea, but they did a much better job.

Inspiring family runs the marathon together.

Who really has abortions?

You don’t really have to read this article but I like this line: “Ms. Keyes, a native of Potomac, Md., who once vowed she would never live in the suburbs as an adult…”  Hmm.  Sounds familiar.

Skateboarding in gym class!  (Don’t worry, they still play dodgeball.)

This story is CRAZY: a 48-year-old Brooklyn woman survived almost two days bobbing in a river in Guyana.

“At nights I drifted to Suriname, and in the day to Guyana, and then back again.”

Turning the lights off in NYC.

I live in Blue America.

Still not done with the Sunday Times, but if there’s anything else I think you readers will enjoy, I’ll pop it up here.


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  • 1. ngoldfarb  |  November 3, 2008 at 10:08 am



  • 2. emgusk  |  November 3, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Ms. Goldfarb, those are not facts. Mr. Ayres was not ever Senator Obama’s boss. If I vetted everyone you’ve ever served on a board with, I’m sure we’d find someone with some nefarious activity in their past as well, especially if you were young in the 1960s. I do not think one of Chicago’s Citizens of the Year should be someone we really need to have this much fear mongering around. Enjoy voting tomorrow, and make your decision based on policy implications and intelligence instead of what lies scare you more; that’s how we ended up with George W. Bush for eight years.


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