NASCAR in NYC, Oompa Loompas in Velour Sweat Suits, and Opie on the Election

October 26, 2008 at 1:39 pm Leave a comment

A Nascar Star’s Big-City Refuge

“[Jeff] Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, the two-time defending series champion who is another former teammate of [Brian] Vickers, also have apartments in New York.  As Mr. Johnson explained in a separate interview, New York is not a Nascar hotbed, so he can blend in…This stock car driver does not keep a car in new York, and he hates the city’s ultra-heavy traffic.'”

Rhinestones are a Tween’s Best Friend — A scathing review of the Juicy Couture store on Fifth Avenue.  Here are some of the best quotes:

“In the boy’s section, Teen Slob and Basquiant-brut are juxtaposed with Sir Harry Potter-style Olde British heraldry and a brazen affection for taxidermy, ersatz French court furniture and paintings of hounds, all whimsically defaced into what one imagines Prince Harry’s dorm room looked like after a rough Pimm’s No. 1 Cup bender.  One half expects to see a stuffed corgi wearing a shock collar of Barbara Bush pearls.”

“The Juicy staff, fresh baby-fat creatures with rosy cheeks in bright shirts, bound about like oversize puppies, stand too close and wag their tails enthusiastically in your personal space bubble.”

“The girl for whom Juicy Couture is designed, I determined, is Lady Veruca Salt: the imperial tween in the candy store who screams: ‘Daddy says only weak people have recessions.  I want an Oompa Looma NOW!'”

“Both Tory Burch and Juicy provide classic, trophy-wife establishment chic; the big difference between the two is that Juicy is posing as disestablishment chic.  It is putting food coloring in its blond hair and driving to the underage punk show in Dad’s Lexus.”

The rest of the review is also fantastic, but I couldn’t exactly copy the entire article.

Demolishing Shea Stadium. The typeface for the headline of this article in the paper was very clever, but unfortunately wasn’t on the internet version of the article.

Cool Netherlands dance floor that generates electricity from the dancers.

These people vote. Eek.

Ron Howard, Henry Winkler and Andy Griffith!


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