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September 10, 2008 at 9:31 pm Leave a comment

Shockingly, I read both the Sunday Washington Post Magazine and the New York Times Magazine.  I know, I have no life.

The WaPoMag had a wedding theme (gag), but I particularly enjoyed the “anti-wedding” article and ha-ha-hated the “One Ring Circus” article that Lauren so kindly sent me.  Also, I’m actively searching for Gene Weingarten on Twitter now.

The TimesMag (“WaPoMag” works oh-so-much better) had no such theme, but also spoke about Twitter (and facebook and our generation’s insatiable need for everyone to know everything about us all of the time), the rivalry between Pinkberry and Red Mango, and a piece by David Frum about the “Vanishing Republican Voter” who seems to have popped up to say “heyyyyyyy!” since this article was published less than a week ago.

Also, this puzzle rocks my socks off. (Link may only work for subscribers, but it’s worth it; it’s a spiral that reads both ways!)

In other news…

From Phylan, Mythbusters Uncut: Adam as the Devil.

From my Dad, Obama is related to a Rabbi.

From Ted, the breakdown of properties in the zip code that encompasses Central Park.  Who lives there?!

From the Twitter feed of a NYT journalist, how to foil an invisibilty cloak (and all sorts of other cool stuff).


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