Wagner, CalTor, Alaskanomics, and Shtupping With Excel

September 9, 2008 at 11:21 pm Leave a comment

Read this headline and then try to guess what it’s about:

“Wagner’s Year Finished; Met Career May Be Too”

When I first read it in the New York Times this morning, I thought, “hmm…why is there an article about opera in the sports section?”  No dummy, it’s about a a ballplayer named Billy Wagner and the New York Mets, not an opera by Wagner at the Met.  Is this not the ultimate in nerdiness?  (Especially embarrassing for a baseball fan…)  Well, I watched the Mets beat my Nats tonight, and I hope they stay in first place, because we all know the Nats have no chance.  Plus, if we finish last, we’ll get better draft picks.

On my ride home from work today I was reading the Business section of the Times and the following picture caught my eye:

Um, that’s my favorite local restaurant chain from home!  In the New York Times!  Excitedly, I read the article, hoping for a scrumptious description of some of my favorite burritos.  Alas, the article DID NOT EVEN MENTION CALTOR, even though the guy in the photo is clearly talking about how amazingly delicious it tastes.  Well, go eat there all of you D.C. kids.  (I hear they have locations in Florida too.)  Until it comes to Jersey, I’ll just have to sit and hope, while I gaze at pictures in the Times.

In other news…

From Time: Sarah Palin’s Alaskanomics.

Thanks to the WaPo Style section, I now know that a website exists where you can keep track of your, erm, horizontal tangoing, called “BedPost.”  A couple interviewed for the article was…

“using an Excel spreadsheet to track each interlude since the beginning of their six-month relationship, though they found the interface limiting.”

An Excel spreadsheet?!  For your “interludes?”  Are you kidding me?!  I had this boyfriend who had a tendency to organize his life in Excel spreadsheets, like his budget, job searches and other NORMAL stuff.  If he ever got up one night and decided to put whatever you’d put in an Excel spreadsheet about your last boot knocking session, I think I’d freak out a little bit.  Maybe this website is more normal?  I think it’s weird.  (At least it’s not as weird as using Excel.)

Phew, I hope that was clean enough for my mother.


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