The Coolest Osmond

September 8, 2008 at 12:36 am Leave a comment

My mom, who turned 63 Sunday, caught a guitar pick from the lead singer of Chicago on Saturday night while I sat at home reading about the history of American regulatory policy.  It’s bad when your mother’s social life rivals is much better than yours.  Go Mom!!  I hope I’m half as cool as you are now when I turn 30…

In other news…

Some editorials I particularly enjoyed from this Sunday’s Times: Sarah Vowell, Frank Rich, Matt Mendelsohn, and from Newsweek, Anna Quindlen. (Thanks Javiera!)

An excerpt from Sarah Vowell’s “Party Guy”:

“Despite his consistent party-line voting record, some independents and Democrats still think of Senator McCain as the most palatable, independent-minded Republican.  But this is the sort of empty compliment a friend of mine once compared to being called “the coolest Osmond.”

Let’s Talk About Sex and the corresponding graphic. (Oh I know you were hoping it would be smutty…)

Media Bashing 101

Robert Giroux, the editor and publisher, died this week at 94.  His obit is fascinating.

Behind the Gavel, a Sense of Style

A really inspiring article: Transcending Race and Religion, for Community (Unless you think community organizing is a waste of time, then this is not inspiring.  Go punch a polar bear.)

I’ll leave you with the Barack Roll at the Republican National Convention.


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