omgomg jonas brothersss

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First, I have to get this out of the way: MICHAEL PHELPS!!  Eight medals!  Fantastic.

Okay, now to what I set out to write about: It seems as if the Jonas Brothers have successfully brainwashed the female “tweens” of our nation.  I had the supreme joy of riding a train home a few weeks ago right after one of their concerts at the Garden.  You could tell, because every single child was wearing a JoBro t-shirt, either purchased or homemade.  No one got the memo that it’s not cool to wear a band t-shirt to that bands’ concert.  Either that, or that rule does not apply if you’re under 17.  Apparently Rolling Stone gave their new album a good review, a surprise, even to the band. (“We were shocked,” Nick says about the review. “I thought they had the wrong band.”)  Articles about them in the nation’s best newspapers over the past week have been extremely entertaining, and I thought I should share…

From the WaPo: “One, Two, Threeeeee! The Jonas Brothers Are Taking the Kiddie-Pop Market by Wailstorm” (which says one of the band members/brothers, Kevin “has the misfortune — or, perhaps, the great fortune — of being in a band with two guys who tend to overshadow him.”)

From the Times: “Cue the Shrieking Girls for the Band of the Moment” (also calls Kevin a “legacy admission” member of the band and says there is “little point in listening to the Jonas Brothers independent of a horde of preteenage girls.”)

A day after the WaPo story ran and glazed over the part about that one band member not being as remarkable as the other two, they ran responses to the criticism without editing for punctuation, grammar, or spelling.  Anyone familiar with idiots commenting on the internet won’t find this remarkable, but I am assuming it’s the first time the Washington Post has published sentences with this fine structure:

“a ton of girls (me to) love kevin! KEVIN IS OUR FAV. nick and joe are there to but kevin. if you know how much he is doing for the band you would know. if there was no him there would be NO jonas brothers. alot of girls and i were crying this morning and everyday because of the hate that people have for kevin jonas. it is horrible what if we starting saying all this stuff about you huhh?? how you feel. even with all this he still is on that stage every night rockin’ out for US!”

I just wish the Times ran comments as well, since they seemed to have maligned the middle Jonas more than the Post.

In other news…

Celebrate 50 years of Mad Libs with the Times!

Speaking of Mad, today’s Mad Men dress a little differently from those in the ’60s.

And while we’re on clothes, this man has a phenomenal life story, and is still tailoring at 87.

Making this post full circle and going back to the Olympics: They’re having trouble filling the seats in Beijing, so Chinese “cheer squads” go to events in shifts, assigned to cheer for both sides with rousing cheers such as:

“Olympics, Go, Go, Go! China, Go, Go, Go! Beijing, Go, Go, Go!”


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