Catching Up

July 24, 2008 at 12:05 am Leave a comment

I took a stack of old newspapers to my friend’s apartment so I could catch up on about a week of Style sections and Metro sections.  Here are the fruits of my labor.  Sorry it’s so old.

Ah, the Heat, the Crowd, the Park and the Booze (Times, Metro, July 16)

Around the City, a Shortage at the Pump: Not of Gas, but of 4s (Times, Metro, July 15)

‘Sesame’ Upgrading Its Address On the Web (Times, Arts, July 15) <–makes me want to be 2 again (but what doesn’t??)

Wrinkles Vs. Religion (Times, ThursdayStyles, July 17) can Jews inject pig collagen to treat wrinkles?

In other news…

Kosher Fail (awesome)

This year’s soccer moms and NASCAR dads, according to Slate.

I’m sure you already saw it, but George Bush calls the economy “hungover.” (He should know.)

Obama wears a yarmulke.


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