I’ve Been Busy…

July 16, 2008 at 10:57 pm Leave a comment

Sorry I haven’t been up here in the blogosphere recently. I went to the beach with some fabulous people last week and had a great time. I also went to Central Park to hear the NY Philharmonic play a free concert AND a fireworks show. My life is pretty fantastic, but it means I am limited on blogging time. Still, I’ve been reading, so here’s a quick, disorganized run through:

From Andrea: a pair of siblings separated by the Holocaust reunite after 66 years.

Silly me, I though MTV reality shows were a crappy way to start a political career. But no, a Real World alum is running for Congress.

ABC News gets into the Cute Overload business.

From Matt Brown and to everyone else who is sick of me bragging about my hometown(s). Number 7 AND number 11. I am still MUCH prouder of this claim to fame.

This is really cool: Google keywords and find them in YouTube videos of candidates’ speeches.

From Alex MD, no matter what you think about the original: the political cartoon response to the now infamous New Yorker cover (that I will not link to, because if you don’t know about it, you really have no place reading a blog called “The Media Nerd.”)

She also sent me this fun game. The instructions are not in English, but you have to memorize the order of the numbers and then just click them in increasing order when they disappear. Try it, it makes more sense than I do.

From the WaPo: “Too-Busy Teens Feel Health Toll” is obvi about someone at my high school. Here’s a good quote:

“All my friends do this. We’re all over-scheduled. We live in Bethesda: It’s a way of life.”

Hot dogs at Ebbets Field in the 50s. You’ll be glad you’re eating $8 hot dogs now that are hopefully not as gross. (Dad, you’ll like this one, clearly.)

For New York’s Birth Date Don’t Go By the City’s Seal (Dad, you’ll like this one a lot too.)

French grand-mere chef lady.

Metropolitan Diary, because I love it.

I totally want to play in this playground.

Arielle just sent me this ridiculous link. Yes, they want to boycott McDonald’s because it is “promoting the homosexual agenda.” There is nothing I love more than McDonald’s french fries and gay men. I would like to sign the opposite of this petition.

Okay, that was long, I know, but hopefully you enjoyed some of these articles. Thanks to my favorite ladies to keeping me informed! Oh and Andrea, I still haven’t listened to this week’s WWDTM.  I’m going to go upload the podcast while I sleep.  I am so hip and techy.


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