Now We Don Our Homosexual Apparel

July 2, 2008 at 10:40 pm 1 comment

I already decided not to post most of these stories because either friends already blogged them, gstatus-ed them, or e-mailed them, but my dad wanted to see them in my own little corner of cyberspace, so here goes…

The Boys and the Subway (fast, good, and will make you happy)

Now to my headline, this story is so good!  Jerome got it already, but Dad demanded it make the blog.  He’s right.  Here’s the story when it first made the WaPo blog, and here’s today’s story, with a headline almost as good as Jerome’s.

Shampoo might be considered a deadly weapon in airports, but there’s a group that wants to make it legal to bring GUNS into Atlanta’s airport.  Meanwhile, I guess I’m stuck defending myself with three ounces of contact solution…

Also, I need to share some stories that happened today:

#1: I literally saw the blind leading the blind on the subway this morning; a blind man and a blind woman were helping each other get off the train.

#2: While sitting in my cubicle, at a media company in New York City, I received a phone call from someone speaking in French.  They demanded to speak to someone who spoke French (obviously, since I had no idea what they were saying), so I yelled “DOES ANYONE HERE SPEAK FRENCH?!” a few times until one of my coworkers came to the rescue.  After repeating the same thing to them in French for a while, we found out that they thought they were calling the Quebec government and they wanted to change their address.  I don’t know if it was a French-Canadian prank call, but it was hilarious nevertheless.  I mean, they didn’t even have the right country…

#3: From the train this morning I saw a CRAZY fire in Newark, and I still haven’t found it in the papers.  If you’ve heard anything, let me know.


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  • 1. Jerome  |  July 3, 2008 at 3:03 pm

    Man, who would’ve known there’d be such an opportunity for great headlines coming out of one story?


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