All Sorts of Goodies

May 28, 2008 at 11:23 pm Leave a comment

Barack Obama loves a beverage from Bethesda!

A rap mixtape all about Seinfeld. AWESOME. (“Soulja Boy features prominently, natch.”)

Mexico tourism: don’t paint our sacred temples on a naked lady.

Apparently our genes tell us how to vote.

Shakespeare was a schlub.

I love obnoxious bride stories. Thank you Michelle Singletary.

Just for you, Arielle: Bob Herbert writes a ‘lil about Morning Joe.

David Brooks, you made me laugh out loud with this opening paragraph:

“My first thought on the running mate question is that to balance his ticket, Barack Obama should pick a really old white general. Therefore, he should pick Dwight Eisenhower. John McCain, on the other hand, needs to pick someone younger than himself. Therefore, he also should pick Dwight Eisenhower.”

The people on the train definitely looked at me funny. Read the rest of the article here.

The WaPo magazine reviewer took an opt-out and left the Post. Here’s his last column, covering 12-years of the world of magazines. Here’s the best quote (but the rest of the article is pretty great too):

“In the last 12 years, there have been many changes in magazines, but some things never change. For instance, Cosmopolitan and Glamour keep running sex tips and discovering hitherto unknown sex acts pretty much every month. For all those years, I have assiduously studied approximately 2,638,419 sex advice articles, and I believe I can now boil down all their wisdom into two simple rules:

1) Insert tab A into slot B.

2) Season to taste.”

So true, Mr. Carlson, so true.


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