Why the Newspaper is Better than the Internet

March 7, 2008 at 12:25 pm 3 comments

If you know me, you know I love my newspaper. (I love the internet too, but I like to read my newspaper.) Here’s a conversation I had last night when I should have been studying:

Alex: yeah, btw i think we are alike i LOVE reading the PAPER i hate the online version theres something about flipping the paper thats satisfying10:20 PM me: totally 100% agree it’s just not the same you and i are going to be the only people with subscriptions in 20 years Alex: i’m okay with that

Well, I’m not okay with that, because I’m pretty sure The Washington Post and The New York Times are not going to bother printing the paper for a couple of biddies…Today I found an article in the Times that I wanted to post, but it’s not online! So, after the fold (pun intended), I have typed out the article for you.

Attack Sites As Strategy

cannottrustclinton.com? clintonisbad.com? At least 25 domain names related to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton have links to the Republican National Committee: the names were either registered by the committee last year or showed up on servers it uses. Half a dozen seemed to guess at Mrs. Clinton’s eventual running mate, like clintonomalley.com, referring to Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland. (ed: YAY!)

The day after Senator Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses, the committee snapped up at least 20 domains related to his candidacy. Some of them may signal the party’s future strategy: baracknotready.com and norealexperience.com. The party has also begun pre-emptively registering domains that could be used to attack Senator John McCain, like mccainamigos.com, voteagainstmccain.com, flipflopmccain.com and hatemccain.com (ihatemccain.com was already taken.)

The Democratic Party and the Clinton and Obama campaigns have shown little of the Republicans’ verve and creativity. The Obama campaign registered desperatehillaryattacks.com in December. The Clinton campaign registered votingpresent.com two days later, an apparent reference to Mr. Obama’s votes as a member of the Illinois legislature. The party has been focused more on its national convention, registering variations of denverdemconvetion08.com in February, but so far apparently no domains related to Mr. McCain.

The election has “triggered an avalanche of cybersquatter activity,” according to Net Names, a domain name management service. Speculators have registered nearly 2,000 domain names related to presidential candidates as of last week. Names related to Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy made up over half of the registrations, followed by Mr. Obama with 635 and Mr. McCain with 269.

– Kitty Bennett

Below the article there is a list of domains registered by the RNC or on servers used by it, but I don’t have the patience to type all of them. I’m sorry. Go buy a newspaper!


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